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Unknown number returned in style play mode (KORG)

I am faced with a strange problem. I use MobileSheets Pro, always latest version, on a Samsung Galaxy Tab. And I have a KORG Pa4X Musikant. In MobileSheets there is always and only the Midi command "number" on send and on receive. In all my keyboard songbook entries there is also the same number stored.

My problem: When I chose a song from the set list in style play mode, a wrong number seems to be returned. The sheets are shown on the tablet for a short time. Then MobileSheets returns any unknown number. If this number is valid, the corresponding song is chosen on the keyboard and these sheets are shown. If the number is not valid, then nothing happens, except that the song in the keyboard set list is not highlighted any more.

No problems:
- a set list entry in song play mode (MP3) ... everything works as it should be
- chosing the same song from the songbook instead of the set list

What did not solve the problem:
- deleting cache and data of MobileSheets on the tablet, even no deinstallation
- giving a new number to a song or creating a new keyboard set list
- factory keyboard songbook entries have the same problem, when giving them a number and putting them into a set list.

I don't know what to check any further.


If you go to Settings->MIDI Settings->Configure MIDI Connections and you use the Google MIDI library, does it work any better? How about the High-Performance (USB-only) library? This may sound like a silly suggestion, but have you tested multiple cables? I only ask because I've encountered issues both with my own setup and when helping others where switching out a cable solved unusual MIDI problems. 

Hello Mike!

Thanks for your fast reply.

Google Library: Does not work. Now with none of the keyboard set list entries. However, on the settings page in MobileSheets the keyboard is recognized for both input and output.
High performance (USB only) library: Same behaviour as before.

I have not tested any other cable. It's my only one with the type B connector.  Rolleyes But before I try my luck by buying several cables, I deactivated sending a number command in the MobileSheets song entry now, so I can only chose a song from the keyboard. Thanks anyway!

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