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New User Import Question
I am a new user and using MobileSheets for Big Band music.  My director is providing PDF file(s) with multiple songs included via email or a dropbox location.  Is there a way to import only selected pages of a PDF file?  Alternatively, is there a way to delete certain pages of an imported PDF?


Hello Tom,

After importing the PDF, long press the song on the library screen, tap "Edit Song" at the top of the screen, go to the files tab, tap the "Page Order" field and then set up the pages you want to use from the file. For example, if you have an eight page PDF but you wanted to remove page 5, you could enter "1-4,6-8". A more graphical approach to doing this will be added in the future.

You can import the PDF as a whole and access the songs separately within MSP. A convenient way (but not the only one) to do that is CSV import.
Good to know: the PDF exists only once (and needs only the storage space for one instance) even if it is used for several songs
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I'm using MSP for Bigband Music, too.

And my approach usually is like Mike and itsme described. Import the whole PDF and limit the pages shown in MSP (without changing or cutting the original PDF).

So I have the score or another voice still available on the tablet if I need it.

You also should note that you can crop the pages and duplicate the pages if needed in MSP (also without changing or cutting the original PDF) so you can display repeats, D.S., codas etc. in a way you can scroll through the whole arrangement without paging back or jumping.

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