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Samsung S-Pen air actions
Would it be possible to include support for the Samsung S-Pen remote actions, so that for instance backwards/forwards would work with the pen?

The SDK is linked above. Currently when doing an 'air action' the tablet comes back with "This app does not support...", but it'd be fantastic if it would work Wink
I previously tried adding support for S-Pen remote actions, but I don't currently have a Samsung device with an S-Pen that supports remote actions (my newest Samsung tablet is a Samsung Tab S4). The features I tried to introduce caused problems for some users, so I immediately removed them. If you want to work closely with me to test out builds and tell me what is working and what isn't, we can try to add back that functionality, but otherwise I will have to wait until I have a Samsung device with remote S-Pen capabilities before I can introduce support for the remote actions.

Sure, I am willing to help out / alpha/ beta test / ... Smile I've got plenty of android experience there. So if you want to throw any builds my way I can definitely test it out. My girlfriend also has a tablet (different one) with S-pen, so I can trial it on hers without harming my library Big Grin

I'd donate you a tablet but it's a bit toooo pricy Confused
Excellent - before we start, can you list out what S-Pen gestures you are wanting to take advantage of? Are you wanting to turn pages in the normal viewing mode, or are you looking to access additional functionality in the annotations editor? To start, I may program some default actions for the S-Pen remote actions, and at a later date, implement a UI to allow those actions to be configured. I don't want to make any UI changes for this right now as that involves getting translations in all of the supported languages, and my current highest priority is on getting the iOS version finished as fast as possible as many users are waiting for it.

The ones I can think off that seem like a good start:
* forward gesture or single press (next page)
* backwards gesture  or double press (prev page)

The others seem less useful, or i can't think of an action that would be useful in a performance context
* up
* down
* circle left
* circle right

I don't know if there is something that is used in a synced-tablet setup where this could be used - I've never used this.
is there any solution already to turn pages with the S-Pen? 
Would love to hear so =)
or any other possibilty to get the S-Pen-Button working as a page turner?
I haven't spent the time yet to get it all working unfortunately, but it's still certainly something I want to do. I will still need to rely on jdeluyck or any other interested users to help test the S-Pen functionality as my Samsung tablets don't support the air gestures. I'm waiting for the upcoming S8 Ultra, which will give me an easier way to test the S-Pen functionality.

Oh thatd be great
I'm using it professionally over 60 hours classical singing a week and desperately searching for a solution 
Would a clicker for PowerPoint work as intended?
Have you tried some of the cheap bluetooth remotes for smartphone cameras?

(just as example) https://www.amazon.com/-/de/dp/B07MR1PHPZ/

They work well with MSP.
(11-14-2021, 02:23 AM)BRX Wrote: Have you tried some of the cheap bluetooth remotes for smartphone cameras?

(just as example) https://www.amazon.com/-/de/dp/B07MR1PHPZ/

They work well with MSP.

I havent tried that yet, but I had a clicker in mind like a small Mouse or Powerpointpresenter?
how would I have to set this remote control up within the tab s7+?
Most cheap "mouse"s use a low version of bluetooth and you are likely to find they won't work with your tablet (check the specifications for your tablet to determine the minimum version of bluetooth that it supports).
When I looked about 2 years ago, cheap mice were about £2-4 (or less) whereas bluetooth 4.0 devices were £25 upwards.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Well, I used these clickers (I bought a couple from China) successfully with my old Android Tablet (Sony Xperia) and with my Surface Pro and Surface Book 3.

They will (hopefully) recognized like a Bluetooth pedal. You'll have to see which command MSP receives from the two buttons and configure the action than under Touch & Pedal Settings in the settings.

I guess you'll have to try yourself if they work for your tablet. But they are cheap enough to give them a shot. And I think they're quite like a small mouse or a power point presenter (with only two buttons, but of course that's enough for back and forward).
Any news on the subject? 
Would be great to hearSmile
I don't have one of the newer Samsung devices to test on yet, but I will be getting one in the near future. 

Hi there,

I just upgraded to a Tab S8+, so I'd love to have the formerly requested button-click Action, to turn Pages. 

I can also assist/help out for some testing.

Greets from Germany

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