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Combine 2 Backups?
I am using Mobilesheets Android version 3.2.4 on a 10" generic tablet. I have 2 backups available made using the Backup functionality of Mobilesheets. There are some songs in one backup (call it Backup1) that I want to add to the other backup (call it Backup2). I believe that if I restore Backup1, it will overwrite the existing library so I would only have the songs in Backup1 on the device. Is there a way to selectively restore individual song files (complete with annotiations and page order settings) from a backup to an already-existing library of songs?
Thanks in advance.
Unfortunately, there is no way to extract individual songs from a backup file at this time. The library sync functionality also doesn't allow synchronizing only specific songs. Having said that, what you can do is restore backup1, long press a song to start selection mode, tap each song you want to export, tap Share->Export as .msf, then restore backup2, and then use Import->Local File to select that .msf. That will pull in the songs you exported from backup1.

Thanks Mike. That does the trick.

You've written an amazing piece of software. Keep up the great work.


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