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Stamps size
Good day.

I have two minor issues with annotations on my BOOX MAX LUMI.

First of all: I am a viola player and often use the numbers in stamp for fingerings 0 1 2 3 4. And the smallest size is already a little too big. It would be great to be able to make them even smaller.
The numbers on page 4 can be made smaller, but they are in Italic and cannot be used for fingering.

Second: When I use landscape format with two pages, the stamp numbers get even bigger, so I can not use them at all. It would be more convenient to be able to use them in landscape as well.
I attach screenshot.

But after all, I really admire your work and recommend MobileSheetsPro to anyone I come near. Thanks for an indispensable app.

Yours sincerely
Dmitri Golovanov

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Stamp sizes are automatically scaled in landscape orientation so that they stay consistent with stamps created in portrait orientation (i.e. a stamp size of 16 looks the same size relative to the page size in both portrait and orientation). If you don't mind having one stamp at size 16 look different than another stamp at size 16 (if they were created with different orientations), then go into the annotation editor settings and uncheck "Scale tool sizes in landscape orientation". That will let you create smaller stamp sizes in landscape orientation. Just be aware that this will result in inconsistencies between the sizes of stamps created in different orientations.

As far as being able to reduce the stamp size, I can potentially allow this, but I'm going to have to be very careful not to mess up existing stamps for users, so if I'm going to support this, I'm going to want some volunteer beta testers to test things out to ensure that their existing annotations are not broken (including any annotations created before version 3.0.0). The stamps are based on music fonts, and I'm basically enforcing a minimum font size, so I can reduce that minimum font size, but it will mean that the sizes that show up for stamps will suddenly increase after the update, i.e. if a stamp had a size of 5 before, and I decrease the minimum font size from 16 to 8, then every existing stamp size will show up as 8 larger than it was previously in the UI (this will not impact how it shows up on the page though).

As a side note, I can see that you have app optimizations enabled on that device which causes all sorts of graphical issues in MobileSheetsPro. Please go to the main home page of the tablet, long press on MobileSheetsPro, tap the Optimize App button, and turn off the various optimizations. This will fix issues like the selected tool being a black box, as shown in your screenshot. I'm still waiting for Onyx to give me a programmatic way of disabling all app optimizations.


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