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MobileSheetsPro - Help!
I love using MobileSheetsPro on my Kindle, but I have a problem. The problem is that I get duplicate songs. I have about six books of songs in "Setlists."

I wiped all songs and books from my Kindle. Then I added one book of songs, and I put them in Book 1. Then I tried to copy the songs in Book 2, and I got a notice about that song already being in MSP. I told MSP to add them. When I was finished adding all the songs, I clicked on the "Songs" tab, and saw that I had four copies of many songs.

I actually do have different versions of some songs, but they are in different books, and I changed the names slightly so they wouldn't look like duplicates.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be glad to hear them.
How are you going about adding your books of songs? MobileSheetsPro requires unique filenames so long as it is the one managing your files and folders. Is each book just a single PDF or do you have many PDFs? Do the same PDFs show up in multiple books, or are you just running into issues with the files being named the same thing as other files already in the library? If you want to manage your own files and folders, you can uncheck Settings->Storage->Let MobileSheets Manage my Files before importing, and then you will just need to manage your files yourself. 


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