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The 2 pages crop differently
This is my first post. Obviously a new user. Help, please.

I am using MobileSheets Pro on 2 systems: an HP on Windows 10 and Samsung Android  S6 lite. The problem appears on both devices.

With a 2-page song, the 2 pages display differently. Page 1 is exactly as I would expect--a perfect reproduction. But page 2 presents with the removal of all margins, text running off the page on the right, and the bottom 1/4 of the page missing.

I prepared the original file in Word, then using Word, printed using authentic Adobe DC. From that PDF folder, I imported the songs to MobileSheets.

The import, on both my Windows machine and my new tablet, the 2 pages present differently, with the second page unreadable.

Unfortunately, this is not single occurrence. Guessing, I bet it happens 1 time in every 10 imports. Often, when you're dealing with 600 songs.

Why would the 2 pages appear differently? Help!

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I am using Windows and Android, and the problem shows up on both devices. HP computer and Samsung S6 Lite.

Using Word, I printed to Adobe PDF, and them imported the song. The first page of this 2 page song is perfect. The second page lost the margins, runs off the page on left and bottom. It happens once every 5 or 10 songs. In other words, often.

How can 2 pages of the same song display differently? Anybody know a fix? Thanks.

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I responded to your email, but I'll also respond here:

When you are importing your PDFs, you will notice there is a checkbox to automatically crop the files. Uncheck that box and the cropping of the files will not be modified. Normally, the cropping is supposed to operate in a safe manner where it stops the second it hits any non-white content on any of the edges of the page. It sounds like occasionally that is not happening for you though. I will have to see if I can reproduce that issue, as I've never seen it myself. I would suggest unchecking that option for now and manually cropping if you feel the need to. Let me know if that addresses the problem for you.


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