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Start of Part, End Of Part Question

I am starting to convert my pdf files to pro format to allow transposing on the fly,
and I have a question about "sop" and "eop".

Specifically, it seems that adding a "sop" without adding an "eop" directive does not change anything.
IOW, the "eop" is not really needed. Is this correct?

I like to bold everything but chords and lyrics, to indicate the structure zones of a song.
Not having to put "eop" every time will eventually save me a lot of time as I have a lot files to convert.

Same with "eov", for verses: is this directive really needed?

I realize that the chorus is different if you are going to repeat it with just a "chorus" directive.

You are correct - eop is not required and actually has no impact. It is effectively ignored. The only thing sop does is optionally put a bolded label above the section. In general, I think the purpose of sop/eop is to organize sections of the page, so it seems like it would be better to mark the end of the part, but if it creates more work for you, you can certainly leave it out. The same is true for eov. 

Much thanks Mike!

Then it's just as I thought, great!


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