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RD-88 Mobilesheets MIDI
hi, i am happy to use my RD-88 with Mobilesheets Pro. I connected a Chromebook with USB. And i can set the scenes and velocity per song per layer. Works great! Next i would like to set the pitch (transpose). I think it is possible with a system exclusive command, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me with the right MIDI commands? (I know very little about midi messages)
You are going to need to look through the RD-88 data sheet and/or manual to understand what MIDI commands it supports. That is the only way to find the system exclusive message that would be required to adjust the pitch. That is not a standard thing that all keyboards support - it will be specific to the manufacturer and/or the specific keyboard.

hi, thanks for your reply. I do not know how to send system exclusive messages. Is there a explanation for dummies like me?
If you go into the song editor (either tap "New" on the songs tab, or long press a song to select it and tap "Edit Song"), go to the MIDI tab, tap + and change the type to "System Exclusive", you can enter the details for a system exclusive message. System exclusive messages do not have a defined length - they start with F0, then can have any number of bytes and then end with F7. The values are all expressed as a hexadecimal value (meaning only the characters 0-9 and A-F are allowed). So a system exclusive message might look like,

F0 A4 00 D3 B4 F7

Due to the fact that there is no predefined length or structure to the message beyond the first and last values, that is why you need to look up what is expected by the keyboard. Different manufacturers are going to use different system exclusive messages to control different things on their device.

thanks Mike. I will try.

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