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MobileSheetsPro Version 3.4.4 and MobileSheets Version 3.4.5 Released
MobileSheetsPro (Android) version 3.4.4 and MobileSheets (Windows) version 3.4.5 have been released. The full list of changes can be found below:

Common Fixes (Android + Windows 10/11)
  • The dialog used to show "Apply To" selections will now require a selection and confirmation with the OK button.
  • Triggering a page turn in the annotation editor while book mode is active will always turn a single page now.
  • Added extra validation of freeform annotations to prevent corrupted annotation data from being rendered or saved.
  • Fixed issue where zooming with the half page display mode would render the previous page partially under the current page.
  • Fixed issue with CSV files where the page order for all songs was set to 1-1.
  • Fixed error with text and chord pro files that would prevent them from loading if the first link is blank.
  • Added touch actions to trigger the "Scroll Down or Turn Page if at Bottom" and "Scroll Up or Turn Page if at Top" actions.
  • When triggering link points or PDF links when using the two page display mode or book mode with the two page turn mode, even page numbers will be placed on the right side to maintain normal page ordering.
  • Added setting to control whether MobileSheetsPro prevents looping of songs from MIDI messages.
Android v3.4.4
  • Fixed bug with the library sync feature where it could fail to download custom stamps if no custom stamps had ever been used up to that point.
Windows v3.4.5
  • Reverted PDF library changes that caused a crash for some users.
  • Fixed issue with .mid files being removed when restoring an Android backup.
  • Fixed issue with using a Google Drive "Shared with Me" folder as the sync folder.


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