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Alarms for Clock Feature
While I realize this is a superfluous request, I figured I’d ask anyway. Wink

I occasionally have gigs where there is a somewhat hard break at certain time. However, a timed setlist with a placeholder that says BREAK popping up at the appropriate time doesn’t work for various reasons.

Nor does the “Alarm App” in Windows because it is an audible alarm and I have my tablet speakers off during performances for various reasons, which brings me to my request:

I am a BIG fan of the overlay clock in MobileSheets. Would it be possible without a whole lot of work to incorporate alarm functions into that feature so that an alarm could be simply the clock display flashing?

The ability to set more than a single alarm would be essential, but I don’t know how many or if unlimited alarms creates another issue. Having the ability to create a certain number, change the time as needed and toggle them on and off would be ideal.

I would envision it working like any other alarm app, you set the alarm in advance and once the alarm time has passed, it turns off. No snooze function required.

I guess some folks might want an audible alarm as well, but that is an application that could be dealt with using another alarm app or a phone.

If there is already a way to accomplish this, please enlighten me.

Thanks in advance for any consideration you can give to this request.

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