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Backing Up Library Fail oto Google Drive

  1. I am operating on a Galaxy Tab A, SM T-500, Software 4.1 Android
  2. My backup procedure has bee to go to Setting>>Backup and Restore>> Backup Library>>Select a Backup Destination (checking Include Audio Files and Include MSPro Settings Checked).>> Google Drive
  3. Identify Google Drive Folder (>>save>> OK) (plenty of storage space is avliable)
  4. Get a "Backing Up Library" notice and see it "Packing Songs" (435 songs)
  5. Get a Transfer of "Filename" XX% complete
  6.  Note: I am doing this wirelessly
  7.  It failed three times last night in this phase.
  8. I deleted about 7 songs, and this morning it worked OK.

The last successful file backup was 3.49 Gb
The larges backup I have registered is 3.52 Gb

I am wondering if it is lack of memory issue on the tab when it is bundling the files for transfer?

Is there are work  around in a different backup resynch procedure or do I need more memory?
Several others, including me, have reported this but a previous post by Mike says he has been unable to discover what is happening.

Suggest you perform the backup to a local file on the tablet and then wifi it across to your desktop as a workaround (assuming you have room on the tablet)
Do not omit the transfer to the desktop because, if you don't do it and the tablet fails then you have nothing.

You could also investigate using a cloud service (synching or for the backup file - I suspect a backup may fail just like your initial problem).

Personally, I don't allow the tablet to update MobileSheets automatically (this prevents unexpected problems at a gig if an update has an issue). Prior to a manual update, I perform a backup to my desktop (as you were doing); this prevents total loss if there is an update or tablet issue. You will need to do more frequent backups if you make lost of changes to MobileSheets songs i.e. always take a backup if you are not prepare to reimplement changes since the previous backup

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
When I did the internal backup, it took up almost all my storage.   I could back ot up, but the future of this procedure is not good if I am adding more tiles to my tablet. 

So I thought internal memory was my problem.  I deleted all of my TomPlay  files and got my internal storage down.  The wireless backup still failed.  So I used a USB plug from my Tablet to my to my computer and did a direct download to my Google Drive through the cable, through my computer, through the internet and it worked.    

This upload issue seem to crop up after many months of successful upload. My own guts thinks ant after I uploaded some larger music files, the wireless upload got wonkey.

I thought about getting anew tablet with mega memory, but not so sure that will solve my wireless backup problem.   So I will fly by wire for backs for a while

Do you have a windows pc?
If so, install the MobileSheets Companion program and try doing the backup via that (that is how I backup)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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