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Increase/Decrease Metronome BPM With Pedal
Is there a way to increase and decrease the BPM of the metronome one beat at a time using a pedal?  Let's say you're playing a song and you want to increase the speed a couple of beats per minute.  It would be helpful if you could press a foot pedal button to do this.  Any ideas?  I know you can save multiple speeds in a song and use a tap zone to "Go to Next Metronome Tempo" but this doesn't exactly do what I want.
There isn't a pedal action for that at the moment. That's certainly something I can consider adding though.

Thanks Mike!  I'm using MIDI from my tablet to send the tempo to my looper.  And even though I'm using the metronome, I sometimes create a loop that is a little off tempo.  The looper doesn't have a function to change the tempo one beat at a time either.  I could use the tap function but I'm not that coordinated.

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