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Problem reading backup files from Android
I am currently using MSP on Samsung tablet (S6 Lite).  It's on the small side but working okay.  

My backup is a Kindle of the same size.  I had to buy MSP separately for each as Kindle doesn't support Google.  I thought this was working until today.  I backed up my tablet the usual way, Settings and save to Google Drive, and move that file also to One Drive..  The Kindle can't read Google Drive but it does One Drive so I just Restore the latest version, and the Kindle is small enough to throw in the bag for an emergency.  

But I was wrong.  This time I got a message during Restore that some files couldn't be accessed.  ???  So, curious, I started pulling up MSP songs on the Kindle, only to find that a large number of them are not there.  

Here is my import process:  Scan with my iPhone, save to Google Drive, Import to Samsung Tablet from Google Drive, monthly backup from Tablet to Google Drive, Restore to Kindle from OneDrive just to ensure both devices are synced.  

I was blissfully unaware until today (getting ready for a gig) that they are not synced and I don't have a backup device at a gig.   I can dig out the Chromebook I guess but the tablet is so much better at these gigs.  

I have never tried MSP companion, would that work any better maybe?   

All of the original files I moved off the Kindle onto the Tablet or Chromebook seem fine, but the ones moved from Tablet to Kindle failed.
I don't know if it connected but Amazon are withdrawing support for some functions on older Kindles (I know my wife's can't do some things she used to do on her old Kindle).

The companion is only a means of transferring files to the "tablet" or managing files on a "tablet" - it is not used for displaying files.

You could perhaps export the songs in the setlist to a single pdf and look at that on the chromebook (assuming you can't transfer it to the Kindle)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
You can certainly try to use the companion to see if you get better results. First, reboot the Samsung device (and the Kindle) just to rule out any files being locked. Then, install the companion app on your PC (https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/compa...hp?lang=en) and on the Samsung tablet, tap the three dots at the top right corner of the library screen and then "Connect to Companion". Select File->Backup Library, and this will generate a backup file in the folder you selected. Now disconnect the companion, and repeat the steps for the Kindle. Now select File->Restore Library and select the .msb file. Hopefully this time it will all go through without any issues. 

You could also try creating another backup after a reboot and repeating the steps through Google Drive and OneDrive. It's possible that may address the issue as well.

This is a confusing.

I have tried restoring the latest MSP backup from both Google Drive and OneDrive to the Chromebook.  The Chromebook matches the latest the Samsung tablet which generated the latest backup, regardless which file it restores from.  

The Kindle Fire did not restore the backup correctly.  It listed the same number of files (1266) but only some of them got actually restored.  A search found the file name but when I tried to load them the file did not exist.  There doesn't change when they were scanned or cropped or renamed.  An entire collection disappeared, one that was scanned a year ago, but half of a different collection was scanned this summer and some of them are okay, some not.

Is there any method for finding out which songs have a file associated, without loading each one?

I haven't saved all the scanned files so I could use import instead of restore backup, unfortunately.  I wonder if it is worth doing a backup from the Chromebook and seeing if that Restores to the Kindle - the problem is OneDrive is slow and often fails, whereas Google Drive is fast and reliable.
And now it's all changed.

I turned all my devices off and booted from cold.

And now the Kindle restored the backup file without problems.  Go figure.  

I suspect the problem was an interaction between the somewhat slow and clunky OneDrive and the old and slow Kindle Fire.  And I need to verify I got a good restore very time I do it.

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