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MobileSheets Version 3.6.1 Released
MobileSheets version 3.6.1 has been released for Android and Windows. This update contains bug fixes for issues that were reported over the last couple months along with a critical fix for logging into Google Drive on Windows, which stopped functioning. The OneDrive login process on Windows has been significantly improved and there is no longer an issue with the login potentially freezing. The full list of changes can be found below:

Common Fixes (Android + Windows)
  • The last selected settings for the backup and restore dialogs are now saved and persisted
  • Fixed issue where changes to the library text alignment setting would not be processed without a restart
  • Fixed issue with updating existing songs when importing a .msf file
Android v3.6.1
  • Fixed issue where numbers would be incorrectly appended to generated song titles under certain situations
  • Fixed issue with the last used import folder not being correctly saved for cloud services
  • Fixed various small issues in the annotations editor
  • Fixed issue with MobileSheets not properly handling cutouts on some devices
Windows v3.6.1
  • Fixed Google Drive login issues
  • Switched OneDrive authentication to a newer interface that no longer locks up after the first login
  • Added Greek translation which can now be selected in the settings
  • Added prompt when using the voice search feature
  • Fixed incorrect folder names being used when synchronizing to OneDrive folders that have a pound symbol in the name
  • Fixed issue with orientation lock not taking effect until exiting the settings screen
  • Fixed library sync issue that could cause a failure to find files under certain situations
  • Fixed issue with annotation favorites not correctly saving all settings
  • Fixed issue with creating dot annotations when using the pen or highlight tools
  • Fixed inconsistent text font sizes in the annotations editor when switching orientations
  • Fixed issue with custom colors not being put at the end of the list in the color selection dialog
  • Fixed issue with certain color selection dialogs not showing the opacity slider
  • Fixed issue with date formatting in the release notes dialog
  • Fixed issue where tapping a smart button on the sides of the page could result in a page turn
  • Bumped the minimum supported version of Windows 10 to version 1809 to fix OneDrive login issues

I am currently unable to update the e-ink version of MobileSheets as there is an issue with accessing Onyx's repositories for their Android libraries. I have contacted Onyx and am awaiting support to resolve this issue so that the e-ink version can be updated.


Thanks a lot for the Greek translation on Windows!!!
You are very welcome! The Greek translator (Daniel Karathanasis) is the one who helped convert all of the translation files. I am very grateful to have his help, along with all of the other great translators.

(10-14-2022, 10:47 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: You are very welcome! The Greek translator (Daniel Karathanasis) is the one who helped convert all of the translation files. I am very grateful to have his help, along with all of the other great translators.


You should add him on credits!
Thanks for pointing that out - I needed to copy the updated credits over from the Android version as he is included there.

Quick update - I pushed out version 3.6.1 for Android to fix some issues with the high-quality zooming. I will also be releasing version 3.6.1 for Windows today to fix issues with reconnecting devices over bluetooth at startup when using the Connect Tablets feature, as well as an issue with the Device Orientation Lock setting not working correctly after MobileSheets is restarted. I was also able to resolve the issues with the e-ink version, so version 3.6.1 is now available for e-ink devices as well.

(10-13-2022, 06:01 AM)Dear Mike, Wrote: I am very pleased with the Android app! Unfortunately, after yesterday's update, there's a minor bug: when importing from Dropbox, the filename is always imported into MobileSheets in lowercase, and all uppercase letters are replaced with lowercase letters. Is there a setting wrong with me or is this due to the update?

Greetings Jan
Beste Mike,

Ik ben erg blij met de Android app! Helaas is er na de update van gisteren een kleine bug: bij het importeren vanuit Dropbox wordt de bestandsnaam altijd in kleine letters in MobileSheets geïmporteerd en worden alle hoofdletters vervangen door kleine letters. Is er een instelling verkeerd bij mij of komt dit door de update?

Groetjes Jan
It's due to some changes that Dropbox has made on their end. I will be releasing an update to address this very soon.

For the longest time it is a major challenge for me to get the latest MobileSheets updates. Right now I am running 6.0.0.

The app used to update automatically when I opened MSP but now that rarely happens so I have resorted to going on the Windows Update page but even that will sit there for an eternity before upgrading the app despite being set-up to auto update.

Couldn't a "Check for Updates" be added to the Settings or a right click "Check for Updates" be added to the "About" in settings or something to streamline this process or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!
If you are using the Microsoft Store version, you have to load the Microsoft Store app, search for MobileSheets and then download the update through the store page. I don't currently have something set up on my server that will identify when a new version is available for download. The main reason for this is I never know exactly when Microsoft will approve my updates. That means if I don't update my server and update has been approved, incorrect status could be provided to users about what the latest update is. Also, Microsoft can approve an update, but the way they roll it out means some users may not see that update available for several hours after, so this could cause confusion if MobileSheets says an update is available but you can't download it through the store yet.

With my FastSpring store version, everything goes through my server so you are notified immediately when an update is available when you first load the app and you can download it if desired. There is also a "Check for Update" option in the settings. If this is very important to you and you don't mind having to purchase one license per device, then using the FastSpring version may be preferable for you.

I checked back in my records and apparently I purchased my copy from the Microsoft Store back in 2018. I only run the program on a single machine and don't envision that changing any time soon.

The problem is it takes forever for the Microsoft Store to let me know there is an update.

If I have to buy another copy through the FastSpring store to get the updates without waiting forever it would be worth it to me.

What would be the process and what about my database?
You have two options for transferring your library:

1) Create a library backup file in MobileSheets under Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library, uninstall MobileSheets install the FastSpring store version, and then restore your library using the backup file

2) Install the FastSpring store version first (you can actually have both versions installed at the same time), and then transfer the files from C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState to C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Zubersoft.MobileSheets_m0zk3axhy8w52\LocalState. Load the FastSpring store version and verify your library loads as expected. Then you can uninstall the Microsoft Store version (go to Add or Remove Programs, find the MobileSheets that lists Zubersoft as the company).

To purchase MobileSheets, go to https://zubersoft.onfastspring.com/ and select MobileSheets for Windows. After purchasing you'll get a download link and a license key. The license key can be transferred to any device if needed, but can only be used on a single device at a time.


This may be a stupid question but are all of my settings (Collections, Set Lists, Groups, etc.) retained when I restore my library from back-up file?

Yes, everything is stored in the backup file including the entire library (all collections, setlists, groups, songs, etc) and all application settings.


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