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Repeat Mode
Several settings were lost days ago and I've been sorting through everything to get things back to what they were.  It seems like Repeat Mode no longer works.  It used to work as described in Settings.  However, it now stops at the last page of a song and does not go back to page 1 of the song.  Why?  It's taken quite a while to almost get back to normal (for me) but not there yet.  Was this due to the update?
No, it was not due to the update as no changes have been made to how repeat mode functions. It is concerning that your settings were impacted by the update though... Are you currently loading an entire setlist or just an individual song while testing repeat mode? Which display mode are you using?

Thanks for responding.
I'm loading a song from the Setlist.  Play to the end of the song and press my foot pedal that used to take me back to the start.  But not any more.
I don't understand "display mode."  Can you please elaborate?

EDIT:  I'm in Single Page mode for display.
When I say "Display Mode", I'm referring to the different modes for how pages are displayed meaning the single page, two page, half page and vertical scrolling display modes. These are accessed through the bottom of the song overlay.

I will run some tests to see if I can reproduce what you are seeing, but the problem is most likely related to a corruption of the settings files as mentioned in the other post you made.

Still can't get Repeat Mode to work.  Retrieved most of my original settings but not all of them.
Is it possible to reload the software because it would be nice to have all the features working?

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