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Export songlist PDF with consistent Zoom/page width
Hi Mike and community!

From time to time I export a song list for a sub. This makes most sense as one long PDF (thanks for that option!), but often I find that the page widths come out quite different (this comes from the different PDFs, of course). MSP scales every song to fit the screen width, so I normally don't care for print/PDF resolution, and it would be great if it could do that when exporting, too, to maintain the look (maybe a checkbox coming up when "export as one PDF" is activated, saying "consolidate page width to [field to enter number, standard e.g.200]mm".

Thanks for your comments/taking into consideration!  Smile

PS: I wasn't around here for some time because MSP was doing its part flawlessly and I could concentrate on my job(s)... great to see, that the community and Mike here is as active as I remember.  Smile
Be aware that you can't just tell a PDF to resize its page - you have to rebuild the entire PDF with new images. So I can certainly support what you are asking for, but the PDF will be much larger than the original (due to the lack of support for compressed images in the PDF library that I use), it will load slower, and the export will take much longer. Also, instead of letting the user enter a number for the page width, I'd rather just force every page to either be as wide as the page with the largest width, or as wide as the page with the smallest width. That's much simpler. I imagine most users would prefer that pages are enlarged rather than shrunk.
Hi Mike,
Thank you for your answer!
Hm, at the moment I manually resize the PDFs for each problem piece in the list just by printing to PDF scaled (using PDF writer). The file size does not change, so it does not change the image, just the scaling. I also can manually recombine them and the resulting PDF is just as big as the old ones together (and still keeps vector graphics where they are), so it seems to be technically possible. But I see that you are rerendering the images when exporting... then it makes sense what you say, of course. I suppose that's easier to implement than to rebuild the whole PDF export to make it lossless - so this fast solution will be welcome, anyways. If I find a PDF ridiculously big, I'll just compress/rerender the whole thing externally - that's not quality perfect, but still a lot faster than changing the library PDFs and reexport (as I did last time) - and it does the job.  Cool

Thank you for offering this fast solution that has a chance to be implemented not too far in the future - I see you have a lot going on around the iOS version, so I really appreciate that you take time to answer/take note of other requests, too!

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