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Three page view. How easy? Any interest?
When I first decided to go digital, I muddled through for a while with just pdf viewers, and quickly settled on 24 inch monitor in landscape perched on electric piano stand. Showing 2 pages like an opened book.
That worked, but I then found that many of my pieces are exactly 3 pages long and that no pdf viewer has a 3 page view option.
I was reluctant to buy an expensive Bluetooth page turner so I experimented and could just about get a 3 page view in Adobe acrobat by juggling zoom. Around 80%.  Then go full screen...butThen I would revert to 2 page as that was clearer.

But a 21 9 ratio ultra wide monitor would I think show 3 pages quite nicely if there was  software support.

Even though I now own a page turner, I wonder if 3 page views will become more popular as wide gaming monitors become cheaper.one would still balance on a piano music stand ok I think.
I would buy one if supported.

( The old school solution was sellotape and scissors with paper pages to make concertina like song layouts then hope they did not fall off the stand. I remember making those.)

So question here is could the MS (windows) app easily evolve to support a 3 page at once option and has there been any demand for this?
No point doing it for android as there are no ultra wide mainstream tablets yet. Some phones are going that way, shapewise, though. 21 X 9 ratio.
I've gotten a few requests from other users for a three page display. It's not a trivial thing to add, as the logic has to account for a lot of different behaviors depending on whether the "Separate songs in two page mode" setting is enabled, and what page turn mode is active. I would also need to add new options for the three page mode (so that users could turn three pages at a time if desired). Having said that, I do plan on working on this once I have some bandwidth. I do think it's lower on the priority list though as most users don't use MobileSheets with a large monitor. The majority use it on a tablet or laptop/Chromebook.

Thanks,I thought that would probably  be the case.

A lot of work needed and not a lot of demand.

Keep it on a future wishlist please.

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