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Using the eraser function with the S Pen
Hi everyone,
I've recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra for MobileSheets. I wanted to upgrade to a bigger screen from my Surface Pro 6, and I thought moving to Android was also a good idea.

1) As you can see in the video below, using the S Pen to erase by holding the S Pen button and then touching what I want to erase causes the whole stroke to disappear even though my eraser setting is set to "Draw Box." Is there a setting I need to toy around with to fix this? I'd prefer to stick to the Draw Box feature even when using the S Pen button, without having to change back and forth from the pen and eraser settings on the top bar.


2) In addition, I also bought a 3rd party pen because it already has an eraser on the other side of the pen and does not require pressing any buttons: https://www.amazon.com/STAEDTLER-22-1-di...086N4KK7Z/ (I got used to that with my Surface Pen). As you can see in the video below, the eraser function works as desired on the Samsung Notes app. However, on MobileSheets, it doesn't differentiate between the writing side and the eraser side, and no matter which side I use it simply draws a new stroke. Again, is there a way to get this to work as desired in MobileSheets?


Thank you for reading and any help any one can provide. I'm excited to start using this new tablet with MobileSheets!
This one is going to be difficult for me to investigate. With the S-Pen, if I set the eraser to "Draw Box" and hold the stylus button, it draws a red box and erases what is in that box. I'm not able to reproduce the issue in your video where it just deletes the entire annotation. That almost seems more like it's triggering the undo than using the eraser functionality to be honest. Can you please verify that the stylus button tool is set to "Eraser"? Also, verify that the two finger tap either isn't set to "Undo" or temporarily set it to something else to verify that isn't involved. You clearly aren't touching the screen with your fingers in the video though, so I doubt that is the issue. There must be some fundamental different between our two tests. I will keep experimenting.

As far as your 3rd party pen, I'm going to send you a link to a build to test. It should hopefully fix the issue with the eraser on your stylus not working. 

Update for anyone that checks this post - the build I created got the stylus eraser working properly, and YellovvYoshi had set the stylus button tool to "Undo" which is why it didn't use the eraser tool.

Is it possible with the S-pen in MobileSheets to erase while holding down the button and at other times undo with a single button press? In other words, if I set the "stylus button tool" to undo, will the eraser also work as a built-in S-pen setting for the button press? That alone would make me buy Samsung instead of using Apple.
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At the moment, no, only a single tool can be assigned to the stylus button, and it with some S-Pen models, the button press only takes effect when you press it against the screen. If you enable air actions with the S-Pen, then the button press can be detected without the stylus touching the screen, but it still will only work for that one assigned action/tool. 


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