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Want to Choose Page Turn Location on PDF sheet music
I can't figure out how MobileSheets (with Donner pedal) decides where to set the top (and bottom) of the page on a PDF. I have my PDF pages sized to fit the screen, but pressing the pedal only advances about half a page. And sometimes it skips a line and going back doesn't help. So I have to stop and use my finger to set the page exactly where I want it. This behavior is inconsistent. Some songs seem to advance just fine--or pretty much so, others don't. I've looked at how I have them set up in Encore, and they're the same--same margins, same page size. I'm using Encore to make my sheet music and "printing" to a PDF, in case that has anything to do with it. I'm using an Android tablet and I'm using Version 3.6.9 of MobileSheets. I have MS Pro on my computer.
With version 3.7.0, you can now set the half page turn position when using the half page display mode. If you need information on the available display modes and how to switch them, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_8GXnlNfm0

If you are using the single page display mode in landscape with half page turns, then there is an option in the overlay to adjust the first half position and the second half position. If you are having problems with this, I'm going to need more information, as it seems to work consistently for me in my testing.

I spent some time in the scrolling settings and couldn't get anything figured out there...UNTIL...I looked at the cropping. I had finally gotten to the point--after I re-notated the entire song and saved a new PDF--where it would scroll one full page at a time except that the second page was only the top half of the page. I don't know why it cropped the way it did, but I clicked the "re-crop" choice and that fixed it. 

Thank you for your help, because I might never have gotten into that part of the app without it.


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