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file location issue on sync
I have three Windows devices that I sync. On one of them - the only one that does not use the default library location - whenever I try to sync files that were imported/created on the others, it fails to load properly.

On the others, files are created in a piece subfolder. When on the problem computer it syncs (I'm using Update Device Only), it seems to download the (image not PDF) files to the root of the library rather than creating the piece subfolder and downloading them there. Subsequently sync reports merge errors (see first image). I am using OneDrive to sync and I can confirm that all the files are fully present on OneDrive itself.

When trying to display the piece, after a really long time of spinning cursor, sometimes it cannot find the image, and sometimes it displays an error message saying the file does not exist

This is true of multiple pieces, not just one, and it used to work okay .

Grateful for any help / advice
I'm assuming you are using version 3.7.2, correct? Did this issue happen when you updated to version 3.7.2? The only change I made is that, MobileSheets now has improved logic for handling situations where multiple songs have the same title but different files. Is this related at all to what you are seeing? It would really help to know the most basic steps to reproduce this issue. Do I just set up one device to use a custom storage location, import a file from a custom subdirectory within that folder, then sync to a device that uses the default settings?


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