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Two-page view, consistent RH vs LH pagination
When viewing in 2-page mode, I've found that the RH/LH pagination (which page of music consistently appears on the RH vs LH side, like odd page numbers in printed scores are always on the RH) is generally consistent when paging through a score.  However, the RH/LH pattern will switch if you use the Page scroll pop-up to jump to an even page number, because that page is now placed on the LH side, and it switches back when you jump to an odd number.  

I find I'm very reliant on physical layout of the page, and when the pages get reversed it is a little disorienting (and it also changes where the page turns land).  When scrolling to a new page, I try to always select an odd number so as not to disrupt the natural pagination, but it can be tricky to do so if I'm in a hurry or if there are many pages in the score.  (I also insert a blank page as p1 when needed to make sure odd page numbers fall on the RH side).

Is there a way (maybe a settings option?) to lock in the RH/LH pagination so it will remain consistent and cannot be accidentally reversed by jumping to a page?  i.e. jumping to an even page would mean that it appears on the RH side instead of on the LH.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
Update: could also deal with the RH/LH pagination with a method for turning only a single page, even when in double-page turn mode?  Like a one-time switch of the even/odd pagination.  The page slider is too touchy to reliably do so when there's more than a couple dozen pages in the file.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
I can certainly look into adding a setting to always force odd pages to be on the right when using the two page display.


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