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over-cropped in full-screen view
Hi folks!

I've been noticing an issue with cropping. In navigation view with the panes visible, the cropping looks fine:


But when you tap to go full screen, it "over crops":


And here you can see how things look in the crop settings:


Am I doing something wrong?

I'm running MobileSheets for iPad 3.7.4 (1) on a MacBook.

That is very strange - I have a Mac Mini with an M2 processor, so I should be able to reproduce that issue and get it fixed. If I had to guess, it has to do with the order in which the views are laid out. If they are laid out originally with the song overlay up, all of the calculations are being based off that layout, then when you hide the overlay, it tries to adjust everything incorrectly for the modified coordinates. The code is supposed to handle that properly where it first measures everything based on how it should look without the overlay, but there is obviously some kind of bug when running on a Mac.

Interesting! I don’t totally understand what’s going on but I’m sure you’ll figure it out! ?

As always, please let me know if I can share my library or a backup if that will help. 

I don't know if this is related to this crop issue. But since it seems similar, I'll mention it here!

See the purple annotation at the top?


I just want to move it up a bit so it uses the white space a little better. But when I enter edit mode, that white space is cropped away, making it harder to move:


It's not a bug - the toolbar does not shift the page down in the annotation editor because if a user picks up a pen and starts writing, it would be awful if the page suddenly shifted down as they are about to write. I will be adding an option in one of the next updates to shift the page down automatically for users that prefer that.

Ohh interesting. When you say "pen" you must be talking about a physical digital stylus, like Apple Pencil? I've never used one, but I do now see you have that setting that automatically goes into Annotation Mode when it detects a smart stylus. Yea, I can see that if the page is going to shift once you get 2" away, that would be a problem for those people.
I don't know if chord pro files run differently, but check if your page scaling for the song is set to 'Fit Height'. If the aspect ratio of your crop doesn't match the full-size screen, some of your page might occur off screen. For this song, you could set the page scaling to 'Fit Screen' (uncheck 'Use default page scaling for song').

Surface Pro 7 with MSP
This appears to have been fixed in the recent update. Thanks! 

It sounds like this release note:

Quote:"Added new option to automatically shift the sheet music down below the annotation toolbar for users that prefer that behavior"

The only thing is, I cannot find any such option :-) It just appears to work the way I need it to work now, which is to, indeed, shift down.

It seems that MS could tell the difference between entering edit mode with a Pen (and therefore not shift anything), vs. entering edit mode by tapping Edit, and so maybe it's making the "smart" choice for us automatically?

In any case, THANK YOU!
If you enter the annotation editor, tap the three dots at the top right, then Settings, you should see the new options. The sheet music should not be shifted down if those options are disabled unless you enable "Always Show the Title Bar". If you enable that setting, the sheet music is already shifted down because the title bar already shifted it down. So it stays shifted down the same amount while annotating. The new setting is hidden if you have "Always Show the Title Bar" enabled because that already shifts the sheet music down, so the setting would not appear to do anything. The setting to move the toolbar down for stage manager should always be displayed though.

Omg, there are tons more settings I didn't know about, also on the Edit screen. Wow!

I realize now that I hadn't tested it properly yet. I was just clicking the song to show the toolbar; not going into annotation mode.

So now I went into that mode and I found the "move page below toolbar when annotating", and it does what it says. The only problem is, now the bottom of the score is now chopped off ?. For me, I was hoping to get a scaled version of the score so that you can see everything instead of flipping back and forth between modes. Often, the top and bottom are the only place with white space to add comments and notes. I guess that might create black bars on the sides, which is normal for things like this.

Sorry for the feedback, but does this make sense? :-) Or maybe at least be able to scroll up and down? Thanks.
When using the single page or vertical scrolling display modes, you can scroll the page up or down off the screen while annotating to get quick access to any part. Use a two finger tap to switch to panning (unless you reassigned it to a different tool), and then you can move the page so you can annotate on the margins. If you do this, you don't need to move the sheet music down while annotating. 

There is one main reason I chose not to just scale down the score to fit the page when it's moved below the toolbar: the page quality is somewhat degraded when the page is scaled down from the original size because a low resolution scaling is used (you can just tap to display the song overlay and see how the image is no longer quite as sharp). This also means that annotations created on the scaled page won't necessarily match up perfectly to the unscaled page (if you pinch zoom in the annotation editor, you can observe this with certain types of annotations). The quality of the annotation rendering may also differ slightly. I just thought it was better to have the annotations created in the annotations editor perfectly match up with what is displayed in the normal song display.

If more users chime in that they really want the page scaled down to fit when it's moved below the toolbar, I can change the implementation to account for that. 

Just mentioning that I'm facing this similar issue again. In this case, I copied an annotation from Page 1 and did a Paste to Origination Location onto Page 2. But when I pasted to Page 2, I couldn't see it, until I exited Annotation mode and saw that it was all the way at the bottom. But the bottom strip is cropped when in Annotation mode. 

And since I'm on macOS, I don't have access to the two finger touch. But I wanted to share the solution, which relies on iOS emulation in macOS:

MobileSheets > Settings > Touch Alternatives > On

Then press and hold Option to effectively get a touch screen using trackpad. 

I may have shared this before; but if not, hope this helps!

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