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copying genre to another user
I successfully transferred a setlist of songs to someone else, i.e., the songs are there with all the tagging (composer, genre, etc.). However, the genres listed on her tablet are only the standard ones, and don't include the custom ones that are in the songs. What's the easiest way to get her list of genres to match mine, and connected to the songs? The same thing probably applies to composers though I haven't had a chance to test it.

Thanks for any help!
Hello Jeanne,

If you transfer songs through a .msf file, it should transfer all metadata, including genres and composers. How did you verify the genres don't exist on the other user's tablet?  Are they not showing up on the genres tab? 

Right--they're not showing up on the genres tab. It is on the song itself, transferred through an msf file as you said.
Have you restarted MobileSheets since you imported the .msf? I've never heard of data being listed in the Genres field of the song editor but not being listed on the Genres tab itself. That is truly strange. I may need you to send some screenshots to mike@zubersoft.com so I can see the selections you've made in the fields tab of the song editor as well as the Genres tab.

Hi Mike,
She rebooted the tablet. No change. If it helps, I'm on Android, she's on some kind of Apple tablet. Exactly what do you want screens shots of (I can guess, but...)? I may not be able to get them, though, until I see her at the end of the week. Thanks!
Screenshots of the fields tab of the song editor as well as the genres tab. Thanks!

Seems to be working now. I have no idea what my friend did that got it to work, but we can't reproduce the problem. Sorry for the false alarm.
No worries - let me know if any problems pop up.


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