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Master/Slave not working with Bluetooth

bluetooth: the devices show they are connected, and while it looks as if remote control SHOULD work, none of the actions on the Master arrive at the Slave.
Wifi: I am trying this in a hotel currently and the devices don't show any signs of finding each other.
The location settings/permissions are all set as required I think.
Do you have a detailed description of the steps that make it work?
I had a wifi master/slave pairing that briefly worked but can't repeat that moment of success unfortunately.
The bluetooth connection is what I am really after though.

Bluetooth: I just tried with exchanged roles, and the phone turns out to be a very able Master for the big tablet (Samsung P900)!
It works exactly as hoped for, open any song from any Tab on the Master and it is opened on the Slave as well. Page turns are fine, too.
Personally I would even have the Slave replicate the Master's browsing activies (browsing for a song) but it is great as is already.
For whatever reason, the tablet cannot control the phone, which is what I tried first.
The true usage for me will be with two of the same tablets, when jamming with my pal hopefully soon.
If those two Samsung P900 understand each other, there'll be two happy jammers...
I'm assuming this is all with the latest update, correct? What OS versions are your devices running? I've tried connecting all sorts of devices using bluetooth running various OS versions including 4.2.2, 5.1, and 6.0. I'm really not sure why your P900 wouldn't work. I used my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2" as the master for other devices with no issues.
Just tried with Two Hanspree 13,3" on Bluetooth.
I can see the slave connected but I cannot see any activity to any master action.


Android 5.02 on both the P900 (Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2) and the Smartphone (Marshall London).
The latter can control the former, but not the other way around, notwithstanding they show correct connection details.
I just tested this.

An Android 3.1 tablet was able to control a 4.4.2 Tablet, and vice versa.

I didn't check the versions of Bluetooth, but perhaps that...naaaa, couldn't be.
I could be wrong, it happened once before.
Ben - My SM-P900 (Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2) running 5.0.2 has no issues controlling all of my other devices using bluetooth. It's using Kernel version 3.4.39-5574008 and Build number LRX22G.P900UES1CPL1

What display mode are you using? Maybe it's related to some other settings.

(02-16-2017, 02:22 AM)spugna2005 Wrote: Just tried with Two Hanspree 13,3" on Bluetooth.
I can see the slave connected but I cannot see any activity to any master action.


i have the same tab
do you succed to connect in bluetooth.me i can t connect whenever i see the other tab on each tab
i work with hanspree 13.3 tab abd galaxie tab 2 10inch
it work perfectly in bluetooth and i have no probleme now
i have just to do exactly with the good manipulation

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