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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.0.5 Released
MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.0.5 have been released. This version contains a great number of bug fixes, especially on Windows, along with a few enhancements. One problem that was brought to my attention recently was difficulty with reordering setlists in the Windows 10 version. After a great deal of research and experimentation, I came to the conclusion that there are bugs in the Microsoft's framework that don't seem to have a workaround. I found that the first time I tried to reorder a song after switching to the setlist screen, I couldn't move the song unless I waited around 5-6 seconds for something in Microsoft's code to finish loading. All drag and drop operations were fine after that. So I decided to provide alternative methods of reordering on the setlist screen. You can now click or tap on a number next to a song, and enter a new position for the song and it will be moved there instantly (available on both the main library screen and group editor). You can also enable reorder arrows in the dropdown at the top right of the screen. Those arrows can be tapped to move a song one position up or down. Hopefully these additions will make it easier to reorder songs without having to rely solely on drag & drop.

Another great addition in this update is the ability to zoom when viewing songs in the two page display mode. You can now pinch zoom either page to perform a fast low quality zoom (the same type used in the annotations editor). While zoomed in, you can pan the page using a single finger. You must fully zoom back out before you are allowed to turn pages. A two finger tap can be used to zoom out instantly.  In the near future, I'm going to be adding additional zoom settings for the single page display that will make it easier to zoom in and out quickly for users who don't want to persist their zoom settings.

See the full list of changes below:

Changes made to both versions (Android & Windows 10):
  • Added support for zooming in the two page display. Only one page can be zoomed at a time and page turns are disabled until the page is zoomed back out (a two finger tap will clear the zoom immediately).
  • Added new reorder feature for manually sorted lists. Tap the number next to a song to edit its position. This works for setlists on the main library screen and all group types in the group editor.
  • Added "Reset Next Link" touch, pedal and smart button actions to set which link point will be triggered next when using the "Activate Next Link or Go to Next Page" pedal action. 
  • Added new pedal actions to turn two pages forward or back
  • Fixed bug when using the "Save Files to PC" option in the companion application to save multiple files at once
  • A warning is now shown if trying to exit the app when connected to another device.
  • Filters saved on the setlist editor screen are now correctly carried over to the main screen
  • Fixed bug that would cause the wrong song to be shown when annotating a song in a setlist that is manually sorted with descending sort order
  • Fixed bug with trying to move a very small circle annotation (a dot) that would result in it being resized instead
  • Fixed issue with displaying a large number of lines in a popup notes dialog. The text is now scaled to fit the screen.
  • Fixed bugs with saving and restoring the keywords and custom fields on the additional filters dialog
  • Fixed bug with lines sometimes not showing up correctly at the beginning of pages in chord pro documents
  • Fixed bug that could cause cropped image files not to load correctly
  • Changing the bottom part of the time signature no longer impacts the tempo.
  • Changed "Connect Devices" to "Connect Tablets" to better describe what the feature is used for.
  • Fixed various crashes
Changes made to MobileSheetsPro on Android:
  • Added support for importing files off removable SD cards on Chromebook devices.
  • A warning is now shown when assigning the Android back button as the key for a pedal action

Changes made to MobileSheets on Windows 10:
  • Added reorder arrows to the group editor to help with reordering as an alternative to drag and drop
  • Scrollbars are now visible in all lists (except the alphabet list). This will make it easier to scroll lists when using a mouse.
  • Quality render PDF library has been updated. This has fixed issues with some PDFs not loading correctly.
  • The toolbar at the top of the annotations editor will now correctly adjust based on the available screen width
  • Fixed bug that could cause the OK button to be hidden when entering large amounts of text into the song notes dialog.
  • Fixed bugs with the a-b loop markers in the audio player. wma files will now correctly loop
  • Fixed embedded PDF annotations when exporting songs to more accurately match the annotations in MobileSheets
  • MobileSheets will now correctly respond to the display scaling in Windows changing while the app is running
  • Fixed bugs with restoring older MobileSheets backup files
  • Fixed issue with scaling in the annotation editor while using a stylus
  • Images added in the song editor when using the camera are now assigned a unique name to prevent file conflicts
  • Fixed issue where scrolling a library list by tapping the second entry in the alphabet list would scroll to an incorrect position
For those that are curious, I've made significant progress on the library synchronization features and should have a beta ready for testing soon. I will be reaching out to interested users who would like to help me test the changes and flesh out any bugs.

Great news. Count me in for sync testing.

Tablet: Surface Pro 8, 
Other: Strich BT-FP2, USB-MIDI connection to Kurzweil Forte 7
I am using windows 10 and just updated.  I created a new setlist but when i load it it shows the first song for less than 30 seconds then stops the program and goes back to my desktop.  I cannot move from the first song.
Does the song have notes specified that are configured to be shown when the song is loaded?  Is there any chance you can export that setlist (long press the setlist on the setlists tab and select Share->Export songs and files) and send the .msf to mike@zubersoft.com for testing? I can't seem to reproduce any crashes like you are describing at the moment and I don't see any crash reports that explain why that would be happening.

(02-04-2018, 07:11 PM)Zuberman Wrote: For those that are curious, I've made significant progress on the library synchronization features and should have a beta ready for testing soon. I will be reaching out to interested users who would like to help me test the changes and flesh out any bugs.

Hi, I am very much interested in testing this!

Thanks for your ongoing effort!

I'm interested in testing, too.
I'm happy to help!
Thanks everyone - the feature is currently in internal testing. Once I've run through enough tests to verify it's stable and working as designed, I'll definitely take you all up on your offer to help. The first round will focus on synchronizing over WiFi. Then I'll add bluetooth after that (which shouldn't take much work). Then I'm going to work on synchronizing both to a folder and to a library backup file.


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