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Small enhancements to Song Editor
I envision it changing the page numbers globally.  Just like how, if I set the Page Order on the Files tab to "10-20", MSP will refer to page 10 of the source PDF as "Page 1" everywhere, including in the bookmark and snippet UI.

The Page Order dialog is a good place to put feature #3, actually, though you'd want to give it a more general title like Page Mapping.  That's what the user is doing, after all: creating a function that maps "PDF numbers" => "MSP numbers".  I just want to expand the range of this function, so that "MSP numbers" need not count from 1.

Speaking of snippets, Offset is surely a field that users will want to set directly from the Create Snippet dialog.  You can provide a very good default value here: given a song with offset X and a snippet that consists of pages Y thru Z (in "MSP numbering"), the user will almost certainly want the new song's offset to be X+Y-1.

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RE: Small enhancements to Song Editor - by Richard Berg - 09-26-2019, 05:08 PM

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