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Small enhancements to Song Editor
1) The main "Fields" tab should have its own preview viewer, similar to the "Files" tab.  Currently, when typing all the metadata like Composer / Year / Key / Duration / etc into the Fields editor, I have to constantly switch back & forth to the Files tab in order to read the info off the page.  Meanwhile, there's tons of extra wasted space right there on the Fields tab!

If this needs to be restricted to larger screen sizes and/or landscape mode only, that's ok.

2) Swap File should be available directly from the editor.  Currently, I have to exit out of the Song Editor -> Song Display -> Library Screen -> scroll back to the song -> long press -> Swap.  Why not put it on the Files tab with all the other file management features?

3) Add a "page offset" property to the Files tab.  Currently, when the director says "start at page X", I have to remember to navigate to page X+4 on some scores, page X-2 on other scores, etc, due to the difference in page numbering between the PDF document and the printed page.  Particularly important for songs created via a snippet from a large book, where page 1 in MobileSheets might be page 234 in the original.
Can you provide a little more information on how that page offset would change MobileSheets' behavior? Is it just something to be displayed somewhere, or do you envision it actually changing the page numbers that are displayed in various parts of the application? Would you just want it to show up on the create snippet and bookmark dialogs, for example?

I envision it changing the page numbers globally.  Just like how, if I set the Page Order on the Files tab to "10-20", MSP will refer to page 10 of the source PDF as "Page 1" everywhere, including in the bookmark and snippet UI.

The Page Order dialog is a good place to put feature #3, actually, though you'd want to give it a more general title like Page Mapping.  That's what the user is doing, after all: creating a function that maps "PDF numbers" => "MSP numbers".  I just want to expand the range of this function, so that "MSP numbers" need not count from 1.

Speaking of snippets, Offset is surely a field that users will want to set directly from the Create Snippet dialog.  You can provide a very good default value here: given a song with offset X and a snippet that consists of pages Y thru Z (in "MSP numbering"), the user will almost certainly want the new song's offset to be X+Y-1.

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