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MobileSheetsPro and MobileSheets Version 3.4.3 Released
MobileSheetsPro (Android) and MobileSheets (Windows) version 3.4.3 has been released. The full list of changes can be found below:

Common Fixes (Android + Windows 10/11)
  • Added support for assigning metadata to songs when importing duplicate files that are ignored.
  • Fixed issue with MIDI devices where a loop between multiple songs could occur.
  • MIDI commands are now ignored for a half second after loading a song that sends MIDI commands.
  • Fixed issue with text and chord pro files that start with a BOM marker. The marker will now be properly ignored.
  • Fixed several export issues with blank pages and text-based files.
  • Added a new MIDI device type for users that connect to both Yamaha and KORG keyboards at the same time.
  • Fixed library sync issue where some annotation fields were ignored when determining differences between libraries.
  • Fixed incorrect warnings when exporting blank pages.
  • The first visible layer will now be set active in the annotations editor to prevent a hidden layer from starting as active.
  • Fixed issue with the text annotation tool when the same song is present multiple times in a setlist.
  • Fixed issue with using the font auto-size feature with chord pro files with extremely long lines.
Android v3.4.3
  • Fixed issue with batch importing files where audio files would be flagged with an error.
Windows v3.4.3
  • Fixed a few potential issues with annotations created with the snipping tool that could cause them not to render properly after saving changes.
  • Fixed translation issue with the "Articles to Ignore" setting.
  • The virtual keyboard will now capitalize each word when entering song titles and group names in the song editor.

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