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Feature requestion /best practise question
I just got the new 14.6" Samsung Tab, and bought mobile sheets also on android. I've been a windows user for year, my question regards both platforms.

I work in the Oslo Philharmonic, and we get sendt parts as pdfs, for practise purposes. Everyone used physical paper, but I'm using digital, I suspect in the end more and more will go digital. Anyway, my question relates to how to best adjust these multi page pdfs of several pieces, like a symphony, a concerto, an oueverture and an encore into manageable parts. Normally I simply copy the whole pdf and make seperate songs for each main piece, however, this will probably result in unneccassary storage use?
What would be the preferred way to do this? Bookmarks maybe? 
However, would they let me switch orders of pieces like in a setlist? 

Second thing, if I try to make a pdf drop a blank page somewhere, it quickly gets confusing as the total page count for the file changes. So then when I need to delete a page further out in the file, it gets confusing to calculate page numbers. Could there be an easier Wai, maybe an option to delete a page from the performance view of the piece? And not only under 'files'? Maybe there is such an option?
Finally, any way of exiting edit mode without pressing the cross up in the left? Like a click on a pedal or gesture with the pen? I'm on the double bass, and clicking the criss means getting up, yeah, I know, laziness.....
If you copy a song, the copy will share the same PDF as the original, so it won't use any extra storage space. So you don't have to worry about that aspect of creating additional songs. I am going to add a song versioning feature, but the schedule has been pushed back a bit, so it's looking more like it will be released early next year. With songs that share a file, you can use a different page order for each song to limit it to different sections.

At the moment, it's difficult to add blank pages in the middle of PDFs. The next update that I'm working on finishing right now will modify the page order dialog significantly and it will support adding a blank page in a PDF. There will also be an option to take the page order and generate a new PDF from it for users that prefer that. 

If you want to remove pages, the only way to do that at the moment is using the page order feature. That will continue to be the case, but if users would like an easier way to quickly remove the currently displayed page (which will automatically update the page order behind the scenes), I can certainly add that. 

You have multiple options for the annotations editor:

1) Go into the settings, enable the option to automatically exit after a few seconds of inactivity (you can specify the timeout)
2) Use a three finger tap
3) Use a pedal action set to "Annotate Song" which boths lets you enter the annotation editor and exit it
4) Use a newer Samsung tablet with an S-Pen, enable remote actions and you can assign the exit action to the S-Pen button. This is the stylus button action in the annotation editor settings.

Wow, thank you so much for such a quick reply! 
To get some kind of 'what you see is what you get' option to remove pages of a pdf would be great! 

Thanks for clearing up all my questions, I'll look into all at today's reversal!

For your multi page pdfs, you could create a .csv file saying which pages are used for each part (Symphony, overture etc). This file has to be in a specific format so look for examples on the forum (google "mobilesheets CSVfile") and/or read the manual. This .csv file needs to have the same filename as the pdf file (but with a .csv extension) and it needs to be in the same folder as the pdf when it is imported (you can't use it on previously imported files).

This results in a single physical pdf file on the tablet with multiple entries using different bits of it.
Note: Different entries may overlap page numbers e.g. a symphony, overture and one that does symphony+overture
Note 2: Include an extra entry that covers whole pdf
Note 3: Use a common string of characters in the name for each section; this allows MS filtering on this common string when performing file operations (like removing all the entries to handle a correction to the csv!)

Having different entries means they can be put in collections and set lists

The csv file is only used when the file is imported and is not required afterwards (although you could pass to other band members to use)
I'm assuming the blank page you want to drop is already in the pdf - you can just not mention this page in the .csv.
Alternatively, you can edit the song data, select the Files tab and adjust the page order e.g. to remove page 3 from a 10 page file change the 1-10 to 1-2,4-10.
Rereading your post, it sounds as though you then have trouble working out the page number of a 2nd page that you want to delete. This shouldn't be an issue if you know these pages when you first import the file (just adjust the page order accordingly). If you only know this second "unrequired" page later, you can count pages from the "extra entry that covers whole pdf"

Can't answer closing the edit dialog, I am on android and just select back, OK or cancel from the menu at the top of the screen.

Hope this helps

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
The 'snippet' tool could also be used in a somewhat similar fashion as the csv option.
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Ubuntu/Win 11
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Samsung S7+, Android 12

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