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[ Solved] Unstable operation CME Widi Master and Android 13 (Samsung TAB S7)

Akki has had success with my latest build. Would you like to test it as well? It fixes the "Default" MIDI library, so you can see if that works with your WIDI Master.

Much better.... No hangs, quick connects etc.
I have also tested and kept randomly shutting down/turning on keyboard , widi, tablet... And when all is turned on, doesn't matter on the sequance MS simply connects to widi... It just works!
Hello Mike, yes I like to test more deeply.
Please se my msg in Aki's thread.


I've sent you an email with a link to the installer (I used the email address you registered with on the forum). Let me know if you have any questions. 

Hello Mike,

I start testing this morning (by the way - aren’t you living in the US? Work 24/7?)

Pls advice  on settings (copy from my post in Aki’s thread  Genos and Widi Master)

- which firmware and
- the hardware revision of the WIDI Master
- which settings made in the WIDI app (e.g. due to 2  instruments with WIDI Master I need to disable connecting amongst each other)
- which settings made in MobileSheets
- paired or not. W/o pairing,  MobileSheets doesn't receive in the editor/midi menu

Just made a backup and deleted all setting (In the Android settings menu "app").
I cannot uninstall MS with the uninstall function inn the "app" menu.
FM "package manager terminated several times)
I coukld uninstall via Google Playstore.

Pls check (S7 and Android 13)
Here the change results.

- Fresh install of the "test.apk" file
- Create new song from scratch for my Roland AX-Synth
- WIDI Master data from WIDI app:
    - FW, HW
    - BLE role auto (will be changed soon)
    - renamed to "AX"
    - Prefer low jitter
    - Midi through and group... off

- Pairing active (w/o pairing no data in editor midi dump window)
- selected Midi Library "default", not Google (Google does not work)

- received data in midi dump window
- AX-Synth changes to new program when I select that function in the editor menu
- No Programm change when I select the song. Ups

Sounds good so fare!

- Stop all apps on Android
- Restart MS
- Automatic assignment to WIDI Master
- Still no program change when I select the song
- Added a second song
- now AX-Synth changes to the correct program

Still testing!
With WIDI Master set to "peripheral only" in the WIDI app, MS doesn't see the device any more.
Restored setting to "general" (or how it is called. Problem: 2 WIDI Master connect themselves, bad for my application)

Restart MS, settings unchanged.
WIDI Master auto-connected

Works again!
Settings on WIDI Master back to "peripheral"
Mew pairing
MS works, but the data received in the AX-Synth is wrong. 
E.g. in manual mode I sent a program change to bank 5, program 1. Works
In "new song" MS sent something else, but not the data from manual mode

Recorded program change data with the editors midi menu.
Manual sending is working correct.
When I select the song, other data is sent.
Toggle between the WIDI modes "peripheral" or "BLE role auto" 
- No change in behavior in MS
  - manual change in the editor/midi windows sends the correct data.
  - selecting a new song sends wrong data to the AX-Synth

In general - a big, big improvement!
Thanks a lot!

Now restored my library from backup.

1st try:
- with settings
- MS doesn't determine WIDI Master (in now way, new paring etc. does not help)
2nd try
- Deletion of app
- New install
- Reload library without settings
- new pairing
- MS works again.

Last test with WIDI Master again set to "peripheral".
No recognition in MS.

Set back to "BLE auto"
No recognition in MS

Unpair WIDI Master
Deleted all data in MS
Restored the library w/o settings

Start MS
Go to midi settings and change to bluetooth / default
WIDI device wants pairng, paired in MS

MS works!

Is there a chance to implement the "peripheral mode" as well in MS?
The 2nd WIDI Master works asl well, connected to Nord Stage 4.

Workaround for actually missing "peripheral only" setting of WIDI Master:
- Switch on 1st keyboard and wait until MS auto-connects
- The switch on 2nd keyboard.

Mike, I determined the same situation with WIDI Master when using MobileSheets on my M2 MAC with the iPad app.
Perhaps the new code can be transferred to the iPad app.
I start testing this morning (by the way - aren’t you living in the US? Work 24/7?)

Yes, I am in the US, I just try to respond to users throughout the day as I know there are a lot of customers in other countries that are starting their day when I'm ending mine. 

As far as the new build, I'm glad you found some measure of success. I'm not sure I could completely follow why you had to uninstall/reinstall so many times. Hopefully it works reliably once you have it set up the way you want. You said that MobileSheets is sending the wrong MIDI messages when you load songs though? I'm not sure how that's possible, as it should send whatever message you've configured for the song on the MIDI tab of the song editor. 

As far as the "peripheral" mode, I have no idea what that's changing in the WIDI Master, but it shouldn't impact the connection that MobileSheets makes. There isn't code written to specifically handle the WIDI Master - it's generic code that implements the MIDI over BLE specification that should work with any device. As you've seen though, things can get messy with bluetooth pairing and the states of the devices, so when all else fails, you need to unpair everything and reset the pairing on the WIDI Master itself.

As far as the iPadOS version, that uses Apple's MIDI implementation. I do not use third party code for that and have little to no control over how it works. Once the connection is established, I receive and send MIDI messages through bluetooth the same way as I do through USB (compared to Android where I have completely different implementations for each). So if you are having issues on iPadOS, it's most likely something to do with the WIDI Master itself.

Hi Mike,
another good news.

I tried to switch to "peripheral only" one more time.
Got it working  Wink

- per WIDI device (i.e. instrument)
  - change to "peripheral only mode "on 1 WIDI Master
  - stop WIDI and MobileSheets
  - disable bluetooth on my Tab S7 (that's the key I think)
  - open bluetooth
  - start Mobilesheets


Remark: When do you plan to release this version in the Google Play Store? There is already a new version available, but the release notes don't tell about the midi implementation changes

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