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[ Solved] Unstable operation CME Widi Master and Android 13 (Samsung TAB S7)
I haven't been bumping the version number for the last few small updates (just the version code which is an internal thing). I didn't want to create a mismatch between the Android, Windows and iPadOS versions because this causes all sorts of confusion for users where they think one of their devices doesn't have the latest update. So to avoid that, I just bumped the version code so that it still appears as an update, just not one where the version number changes. 

Anyways, these changes are already available in the latest update on Google Play. I just published another round of small fixes so that will be available shortly as well. I also fixed a MIDI USB issue with Android 14 when using the "Default" USB library.

That's fine, mni tnx fr explanation
Some words regarding setup of MobileSheets with two WIDI Master Interfaces.
With the "default library", what is working now, it is not possible to distinguish between sending data to a specific WIDI master as with the Google lib.

So I set one Keyboard to Midi channel 1 and the other on 2.

Any new song sends data to both the WIDI's, but each bord receives the correct program change data on the respective Midi channel.
That is a true statement - there isn't an option to filter on input/output ports with the default MIDI library, as the open source library wasn't set up for that. If I find time in the future, I can investigate what it would take to support that.


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