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Version 5.0.0 in internal testing
I'm using a samsung note 10.1 without any pedals. I'm an amateur clarinet player in a few bands. So I use it quite reguraly. If you need more testers, I'm happy to volunteer.
Hi Mike, I have a Samsung 12.2 with Airturn, which I use with MS quite frequently in a Bigband (as a Tenor Sax player) and in a Gypsy Swing group (playing the Clarinet). I would be happy to be added to the beta testers.

i am using MS since Summer 2012 and i am happy, to read here about the new version5 with many new features.

Mike, if you need a tester for a Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid 13,3 inch , i would do my best for you. Maybe i could help for german Translation too.

I'll try to send out some invites tomorrow. Thanks for the interest in helping guys.

I'm using a tf101 asus I'll be proud to be a beta tester Mike.
I have an Asus MemoPad FHD 10 and would be happy to support beta testing!
HI Mike.. For something different, I use an AOC A2272PWHT which is a 21.5”Smart All-in-One Android PC and touch-screen monitor. If you would like further testers, I am happy to test on this set-up which was bought for 2 page view for piano music.
I am a professional cellist with a Sony Xperia Z tablet and just bought a Lenovo Yoga tablet 2 Pro (13.3 screen) which will arrive next week. I use Mobile Sheets for performing, conducting and teaching. The current mobile sheets has limited cataloging capabilities. I have thousands of pieces in my sheet music collection. It looks like the new version might be better for cataloging. I am looking for the following improvements:
Option to choose Title (or piece) and composer (rather than song and artist). Option to choose Book, rather than album. Option to have more custom genres: I would like to be able to put a piece into several different genres, for example: Cello trio, chamber music and contemporary. (or whatever). Keep the option to add unlimited genres in each drop down menu.

If I don't fill out a field, I would like the default to be blank, not unknown.

The annotations: I would prefer if when I choose "stamps" a sidebar opens with the symbols (not the description: I understand what a flat is, no need to spell it out). Much like in Finale.
I would like to be part of your Beta tester.
I have not scanned all of my music yet, because I don't feel you have optimal cataloging yet.
I just sent you all invites.

Cellist - MS Pro appears to address all of your concerns except the one about stamps in the annotations editor. I'm going to be making major fixes to the stamps at some point shortly after the release of MS Pro. There will be a whole update dedicated to improving annotations.

Hello I'm a french Guitarist and i would like to help you testing your V5.0.0. Can you add me as a beta testing ? And tell me what kind of information you need (I use a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12') ?

Thank you.
It looks great!!! Tomorrow I'll start working with it! Thanks Mike!
Hi Mike. . I'd be happy to beta test if you still need more people.
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Hello Mike,

('m using an ASUS TF300 tablet connected with an Monitor conneceted with Mobilesheets and airturn. I love to betatest the new versioin especially for the twopage setup.


Sent invites out. The beta tester list is almost full!

Hi Mike, I would also love to betatest on a galaxy note 10.1.

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