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Metronome stops when triple tapping
While practising I have to make frequent annontations. When using the metronome I would prefer it stays on so I can continue right away. Right now it turns off when triple tapping.
I will have to look into this to see if it will be a problem to support this. I could see some people wanting the metronome to stop if they go in to make annotations, so at the very least it would have to be configurable. Additionally, if there is no way to turn off the metronome in the annotations editor, I could see that being problematic, so I can imagine people would probably want me to either add the metronome to that screen or make a toggle accessible somewhere, neither of which I particularly want to do.

In order to really support this well, I would probably need to look more into the possibility of collapsing the annotations editor into the main screen somehow. This will probably require a huge redesign though...
Just made a video explaining how it works for me and what I would like to see. Let me know if that is helpful. https://youtu.be/5jh_l8Nw4-o
Thanks for the video. A few things:

- You seem to be forgetting about the quick action bar. If you tap the bottom right corner of the screen, you can start/stop the metronome in the quick action bar with one tap.
- You can also setup the touch actions so that tapping one of the other corners starts/stops the metronome.

I think if you use the quick action bar to toggle the metronome, it will be a lot less painful than going through the overlay like you currently are.

I like the quick action! The only thing I miss is the ability to change the metronome speed, which we often do while practising.
I would love access to that quick action while staying in annontation mode, but that might be part of once you make a "rehearsal mode". As an aside: I would love to be able to turn pages and stay in annontation mode. Thanks for all your work!
I just spent awhile brainstorming on how I could effectively provide annotations on the main song display screen. I have some great ideas that I will share soon that I'd like feedback on. If I can create a quick/lightweight way of allowing annotations on the main screen, and still support the annotations editor for more extensive editing, I think it will be the best of both worlds.

That sounds super. Looking forward to seeing those ideas!

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