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Ms Pro random cropping problem
I have 2 problems with MSPro:
1: triple tap to make annontations takes too long to open. This worked great in Beta, is frustrating now.
2: after making annontations or turning a page, suddenly the bar numbers are randomly cropped off, or the top of the page. This happens in both full screen or fit to page. And just as suddenly it is fine again on that same page. It meant that I suddenly couldn't read the notes on the top of a page during performance!! HUGE PROBLEM!! This never happened in Beta: that was super stable.
I miss beta!!
Cellist - which version of MS Pro are you currently running?
Can you update to v1.1.1 and let me know if those problems persist? I'm definitely confused about the triple tap though - none of that code changed and it seems to work the same for me on my tablets.
Just did: both problems identical... UNUSABLE! Sigh...
I'll do what I can to get it fixed ASAP. It's crazy how differently each device can behave.
Do you happen to have "Always Show Title Bar" on? I want to make sure I can match your display settings.
No, that is off. I posted a screen shot, did you see it?
Where did you post it? I can't see any screenshots at the moment.
I think I've found the culprit for the slow loading. As for the bar being cut off, I'm going to need some help reproducing that.

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