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setlist control
I'm playing a gig the other day using a loaded setlist when an audience member has the -nerve- to request a song not in my setlist. So I exit the setlist and find the song and play it. But then I have to reload the setlist and try to find where I was at in it. What might be nice would be the option, when returning to a set list, to be positioned at the last song I left from. This might be difficult to program but it appears that you like a challenge. LOVE THIS APP!
Just so you know, you don't have to leave the current setlist to temporarily add a song to it. In the overlay setlist control, you can always just click the add button, find the song, add it, and you will be good to go. If you reload your setlist after this, that song you added won't be saved (unless you click the save button to make it permanent). You can also remove songs from the active setlist by doing a long press to bring up the menu to delete it. After doing this myself to verify it, I did note two things I'm going to fix. 1) When a new song is added this way to the active setlist, it should be selected immediately and shown. 2) The page total that is shown next to the page slider doesn't correctly change when you remove songs.

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