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using MS via Blue Stacks
I am a neophyte user of both a (Win 8.1) tablet and MS.  I've successfully loaded songs from Dropbox but can't get any songs from Local File out of my computer, including .png and .pdf.  Is there a better way to access this app?  Is there an alternative to Blue Stacks if that is my problem?  I am not using a removable SD card, just whatever drive comes with ASUS T200TA.
In order to access files on your PC from Bluestacks, you have to set it up properly. Have you followed the directions shown here? http://support.bluestacks.com/hc/en-us/a...BlueStacks-

The reason you have to do this is that Bluestacks is actually emulating an Android operating system, and that operating system does not know anything about the operating system that is hosting it (i.e. Windows). Furthermore, Bluestacks dedicates a portion of your hard drive to act as the hard drive for the emulated Android operating system. This means that bluestacks can only access files from inside that little sandbox that is set aside for it. If you use a program like ES file Explorer, you can actually set up a connection to a shared network drive, and transfer files that way. This is how I transfer files off my shared network storage to all my different tablets.
(06-09-2015, 10:45 AM)jwilliewms Wrote: Is there an alternative to Blue Stacks if that is my problem?


DuOS is an alternative emulator which seems to work for some. This thread has some information but run a Search for others.
Based upon the feedback I've received, DuOS is a better choice, but it's not free. It looks like they have Lollipop support coming too which is great.

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