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Selecting artist for collection
I made the move from ForScore on the iPad to Mobilesheets on Samsung 12.2". The program looks great and is definitely going to be exactly what I need IF I can overcome this one HUGE problem. After I move my music from Dropbox to Mobilesheets, I am having to hold my finger on each song until "Edit song" appears at the top. Then I'm having to choose the artist and genre on a PER SONG basis. Please tell me that I'm doing it wrong and that there is an easier way. With a large collection, like the Beatles Complete sheet music, I had to do this on each song! It's taking hours per Artist. I still have lots of books to go. Can anyone help please?
This may work . Select 'Artist' tab, then 'New' [at the top], enter the artist name. When you click 'ok' you can select all the songs by that artist from the list on the right. If you need to add more later you can edit the artist tab and add them. I think I have that right. When I tried it as a test, the artist name was added to the song when I checked the song editor.
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If the Artist and Genre tabs are not already displayed on the main screen, go into Settings and edit 'Tab Order' to make them visible.

Then select the artist tab, add the artist name if you haven't already created it, select the artist, and click on the 'Edit' menu item at the top of the page.

You should now have a list of songs on the right side of the screen. Clicking on a song on that list will add it to the artist's collection. All songs assigned to that artist will be displayed on the left side of the screen.

You can filter the list of songs displayed for selection if it will help. It is fairly quick to scroll down the list of songs and only a single click is needed for each song you want to add.

Repeat for 'Genre' and you are done. If all the songs by a particular artist fall into the same genre, you can filter the song list by artist and select the double arrow at the top-right of the song list and add them all to that genre with one click.
I have plans to add a batch edit option to be able to set multiple fields on multiple songs at once. I just haven't had time to add this yet. It will be included in one of the next few updates.

Wow! Thank you thank you thank you!!! This tips worked perfectly. I'm kicking myself for not knowing this when I did The Beatles, Billy Joels, Eagles, and others complete catalogs. Aargh! Smile I really appreciate the help.
Batch edit is really urgently needed. I hope it will come soon.

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