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Batch editing not pre-selected
Yeah, that was dumb of me.

I just destroyed quite a bit of metadata by clicking OK in the editor, batch editing multiple entries for collections.

Yes, I know, there are red warnings for differing fields. But I overlooked that *all* the fields are already preselected for the edit.

May I suggest that MSP doesn't tick those fields automatically, at least those with differing contents and red warnings? (Just so I and others think twice before pressing OK and don't make unwanted changes) I doubt that there are many cases a user wants to edit all fields or more than one or two anyway.
Okay, I can default it to not having the fields selected so that users have to manually select everything they want to edit.
Thanks. It was not a big desaster since the metadata came from a freshly imported csv which I could reimport. But better to be safe.
Thanks for implementing this.

It's not only safer against unwanted changes. It also speeds up the editing if you don't always have to deselect all the groups. I usually want to edit only one or max two groups at once anyway and I guess most others as well.
As afterthought: Why preselect groups to edit anyway? Even if there's no danger for unwanted edits if the groups with the same entries are (still) preselected. Are those saved too if they are ticked and there are no changes? That would be unnessecary.

But even if not, I think it's more efficient to let the user select the groups he wants to edit from a "blank slate" because with edit for multiple files at once there will rarely more than 1 group be changed (and the right one preselected).

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