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Additional column with MIDI number on the list with the songs
Good morning,
there is a suggestion to add one column to the list, with the MIDI Number to show. This column could be especially
usable for KOrg pa users and could allow easily remember some numbers and following recall them from mind.

User could decide weeather to display an additional column or not (setting). This number could be shown in bracket at the end of the
song's title.
for instance:

Artist - song [122]

Above solution is known from iOS competition's aplication and many users appreciate its usablity.

Zuberman what do you think about above?
Can't you use one of the custom fields for it?

Mike, didn't you intend to expand the number of custom fields and groups anyway?
Are you just looking for an enhancement to the song title formatting where I allow MIDI number to be used? This obviously would only work for KORG users so I would want to hide this option if the current MIDI device is not set to KORG in the settings. Or do you want it to be a setting where I just append it to whatever the formatted song title is? Obviously the former allows more flexibility and requires fewer changes.
Yes, that is still planned. I imagine he doesn't want to use a custom field because the MIDI number is already set for the songs so it would be redundant to have to push that value into an additional field as well.
Exactly, MIDI number could be taken directly from the existed field (not from custom field). In case of lack MIDI number, this could be displayed as [---].
Of course this settings could be activate when the MIDI device is set to Korg.

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