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Page is split or truncated
I have a gig this Friday.  When reviewing my set list, I have a couple of charts where the 2nd page displays as if it is split in two.  When I tap the screen again, it then displays as a full page.  There is another chart where on the 2nd page the right margin is truncated to where I'm loosing about a 1/4" of display.  Each of my songs is a single pdf file that I'm importing individually (sometimes in batches).  I'm in a maintenance mode now as I've been using for about 4 months now.  Most imports are either individual revisions or single new charts.  I'm thinking there must be some "attribute" for each chart file where I have something "messed up" on these several charts.  HELP is needed and appreciated !!!   Jamie J.
Hello Jamie,

I'm going to need you to check a couple things for me. First, long press the song on the library screen that is displaying as if it's split in two and select edit. Go to the files tab and let me know what page order is shown. Next, tap on the crop icon at the bottom right of the image preview, and see if any of the pages of the song are cropped in an unusual way. I'm also going to want you to check the cropping that is in use on the second chart you referenced. You can also access the cropping by loading the song, tapping to bring up the overlay, tapping on the display settings icon at the bottom left, and then tapping on "Crop".

If cropping is a problem, you may want to disable automatic cropping during the import. You will see a checkbox on the import settings and batch import dialogs for automatic cropping. Make sure that is unchecked if you don't want the cropping applied.

The next thing I want you to verify is the page display mode you currently are using for the first song (that is displaying as if split in two). To do this, load the song, then tap the center of the screen to bring up the overlay. Then tap the page display mode icon at the bottom of the overlay. The dialog that is shown will display the default display mode for the current orientation as well as any overrides the current song may have. Please let me know what you have set for each of these (Single Page vs Half page, etc).

Mike, THANK YOU for your quick response to my issues. I've just completed all you asked. Most of my charts are 1 page, but the charts in question here are all 2 pages. The page order for these is "1-2". When displaying the cropping on each, they are all over the place. The truncated ones have a right margin of what looks like one inch or maybe 1.25" in one case. Most L & R seem to be about 1/4" which looks good. Most Top is about Zero with some about 1/4. Bottom varies from zero to about 1 inch.. The Page Display mode settings seemed to take the default which was Orientation: Portrait and Display Mode: Single Page. I'd need to review those parameters and take better noted to be sure.

So, when noticing the broad disparity in the cropping, I've gone ahead and choose the Reset Crop for all the charts in question and the problem seems to have been solved. HOWEVER, with no left or right crop, the entire image is now a bit smaller on my screen which I have oriented vertically. With the L & R cropping in place, the display expands the entire width of the screen and is then TALLER which makes for a slightly larger display of the chart which is GOOD. So, I probably need to universally apply maybe about a 1/4 inch crop to all Left and Right margins. Top & Bottom can remain at zero because I have much extra vertical space on the display. I DID see when doing the Crop Reset that I had an option to apply to "Single page", "all pages in song", or the "Entire Library". I wanted to apply to the entire library but I was scared to do a universal change to the entire library NOT wanting to screw myself.

Can you advise how to change my universal settings so that cropping is about 1/4" for L & R and 0" for T & B, and then to apply these new cropping to the entire Library?

I'm so happy to have your assistance. If this Library were to get messed up, I, like all MobilSheets users, would be "Up the Creek". I THANK YOU so much for your assistance!

Jamie Jones
If you set the cropping to 1/4" on the left and right side of a page in the cropping editor and then apply it to the entire library, it will do exactly what you want. Be aware that it's really only safe to do this if all of your files have a consistent size. If the widths of the pages vary a lot in your library, then the cropping might be not right for a lot of songs.

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