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Setlist, Numbering

I sometimes miss a numbering in a setlist, especially if the list does't fit on the screen, which is the rule by now.
Just like the numbering in the setlist editor.
I use setlists for sessions with folks who also have MSP (either they have their own tablet or get a handout tablet from me) and we often don't play the list from top to bottom but the setlist serves as a kind of mini-DB from which we select songs spontaneously. E.g., if the session partner wants to play a specific song from the setlist, it would help me finding the song quickly if they just told me the number, and v. v. 
We always use the same version of the library.

The numbering would also help with the re-arranging of the sequence, for which I toggle between editor and setlist (as described in a previous post).

Have you used the setlist feature from the action box within a song? I assume not, since the setlist there has numbers and an easy way to rearrange order.
Thanks BRX, yes, I'm familiar with the setlist box. It's useful when the song that is open should move position.
It doesn't fully provide what I'm missing, it would require that you invoke the overlay and open the box each time you want bowse the setlist.
Plus, it lacks the second line of the title - artist and a couple of other fields in my case.
The standard setlist view is better suited for browsing.
The not uncommon scenario I encounter is that people want to choose a few songs from the library/setlist.
If they were able to say "let's sing 5, 8 and 10", it's both easy to remember this and find the songs very quickly.
I do plan on updating the library screen to show the numbers when the sort order is manual. I've been wanting to do that for a bit, but have been tied up with the Windows 10 version. I'll try to add it as soon as I can.
I've added this for next version (v1.7.7).


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