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Automatic Backup

is there a way for a automatic full backup of database and files?
The option i found until now does backup only the database as far as i could see.

Maybe i only need to locate the MSP files in a folder wich gets syncroniced by a cloud app?
Any suggestions?

I have mentioned my method in another thread regarding syncing MSP between devices, but it also is a complete backup.

You need indeed a cloudsync provider like dropbox, gdrive, box, onedrive with enough capacity (for my method at least). If you were lucky you might have secured enough free space in some of the past promo actions of dropbox, box and so on . Otherwise gdrive offers 15 GB which should suffice for most.

Myself I'm using dropbox and box (since I have plenty of free space there). These cloud services don't sync to Android though, especially not automatically. You have to use an app for that. There are several options, but I recommend Dropsync and Boxsync (all from the same developer. I've chosen the ultimate versions, but you can use the cheaper pro versions or maybe even the free ones) because they work very well for me and are updated very often so there are no problems with the cloud providers.

It's pretty simple with that. You have to expose the database directory for MSP in MSP's settings. Now you just create sync pairs of this directory and your MSP directory on your SD card in the syncapp. That's all. You can choose several options how to sync. But that's how you have an automatic backup to the cloud. I also sync these directories to my PC (and to my other Android device), so you not only have a backup but all your devices in sync if necessary or wanted.

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