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Convert PDF to Image
New user here:

My question is what advantage is there to using image files over PDF files?  There is the convert function here but I can also scan sheet music as either jpegs or PDFs.

Just wondering if one file type is more useful than the other.

Thanks in advance!
Image files often load faster than PDFs (especially if the PDFs are not optimized). They take up more space usually, depending upon the compression algorithm used in the PDF to compress the images. You only have to deal with one file in MobileSheetsPro instead of multiple, and you have more control over page ordering. With PDFs, you can repeat pages by just modifying the page order, or cut out pages if needed. With image files, you have to add the same file multiple times to create a repeat.

I would recommend PDFs over image files unless the loading times become unreasonable. Even then, I would usually recommend just optimizing the PDF to reduce the loading time over having to convert it to image files (especially if the PDF has a lot of pages in it).

For completeness: This applies to PDF files that contain (scanned) images.
If the PDF document contains vector graphics, the story is different.
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