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Remove Underscore
I did a Batch Import using file names as the song names. This worked great with one small problem. Many of the file names have underscores (for spaces) and nor the titles have underscores. The only issue is when searching, I must try it both ways, with and without underscores.

Is there any way to do a bulk replace of underscore to spaces in the database for all song titles?

In the future, would "Guess Song name..." have removed the underscores??

The underscores are only put in place if you have the copy options turned on and you let MobileSheets manage your files. You can always create your own directory, and batch import everything from there with the Copy Files option deselected. MobileSheets will then use the files from the location you imported from, and the filenames won't be touched.

There is nothing in place at the moment to remove all underscores both from the files and the database. I will have to add something for this.

The underscores were put in place to avoid problems with duplicate filenames coming from the companion app. In hindsight, I should have just added more code to have the companion app query the tablet to detect duplicate filenames, but I did not do this. I will add this when I get a chance.

As part of the upgrade to v4.1.0, I will strip all underscores, and add the necessary code to detect and prevent duplicate filenames properly (by letting the user choose what action to take). Sorry I don't have a short term solution for you. If you are brave and know SQL, you could write a script to update all the entries. You would both have to run this script and manually update all the file names. If you want to go down this path, let me know, otherwise know that it will be taken care of when v4.1.0 is released.


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