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Landscape half-page vertical scrolling

I'm trying to scroll (automatically) in landscape on a small tablet, so that the width of the small screen is used fully (without distortion though) and the scrolling is continuous through the pages (vertically). Only found a mode that scrolls down to the bottom of a page but then abruptly switches to the next page (without scrolling).


If you tap on the center of the screen to bring up the song overlay, then tap on the display mode icon at the bottom of the screen (to the left of the page scaling icon with blue arrows), it will display a dialog with various settings. If you change the default display mode to "Vertical Scrolling", and then close the dialog, you should then be able to scroll continuously through all of your pages. Let me know if you have any problems finding or using that display mode.


the setting I had/have (prior to posting the topic) is this:

Select Display Mode: Default Settings: Orientation: Landscape
Select Display Mode: Default Settings: Display Mode: Vertical Scrolling
Select Display Mode: Song Settings: Use default display mode for song

Select Page Scaling Mode: Default Settings: Orientation: Landscape
Select Page Scaling Mode: Default Settings: Fit Screen
Select Page Scaling Mode: Song Settings: User default page scaling for song

With these settings when the tablet is in landscape position, each page is shown individually 100%, so no scrolling within a page is required.
BUT: I'm not making good use of the (small tablet, smartphone actually) screen, it's all just way too small to be read.
Is there a way to use the "Half Page" setting (in landscape) so that the screen is fully used, and then scroll vertically, continuously through the song, ideally with auto scroll? I came close with a setting (not sure what it was) that showed halfpage, autoscroll went to the bottom of the page but then jumps to the next page before me having reached or finished the last line (impossible to set the timing THAT accurate, therefore continuous scrolling would be the answer to that).

Sometimes I just have the smartphone with me and want to place it on the knee and play a song I can't play by heart (there are too many of them unfortunately).

Is there a reason you don't want to use vertical scrolling in landscpae orientation with the "Fit Width" page scaling mode? That sounds like what you are asking for...

The fit width setting adjusts the full page to the width of the screen, leading to a rather "distorted" view and making scrolling obsolete (kind of). A portrait ratio pdf is displayed as landscape.
Ideally the original ratio of the page (A4 portrait in my case) should be kept this way (when the tablet/smartphone is landscaped) : the A4 width is fully used/displayed and the lower part of the page, necessarily not shown initially, can be reached via autoscroll, and goes on over the various pages of the song. Hope this makes sense...

How about using fit screen and then zooming in or out as needed to get the size you want?
Got it, works nicely, thanks Mike!

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