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I have several FAKEBOOKS in PDF format. I IMPORTED one and it seems to work OK. I am hesitant to load all of them. thinking they might slow down loading etc.
Mike...will loading several books impair performance ?

I know future versions will offer better features but what are the best ways to use FAKEBOOKS currently? Any tips would be appreciated.

Based on the size of the fakebooks, it may use more memory and load slower initially. The page rendering/buffering shouldn't be affected after this initial load. I will need to test this out though. If your tablet doesn't have much memory, or isn't running Honeycomb or ICS, I would definitely recommend AGAINST loading multiple books at the same time. Devices running Honeycomb or later have access to much more memory, so they should be able to handle this. One user was kind enough to send me the fakebooks in the mail (they have not arrived yet), and I plan on a) testing out multiple fakebooks loaded at once, and b) splitting up the fakebooks during import, and allowing users to select all the songs they want added to their library from the fakebook. This should make the experience much better.

If you are using a lot of the songs from the fakebooks, I think the best approach currently is to make bookmarks to split up the PDF. Hopefully once I index the books and support importing them and extracting the songs, this won't be such a manual process.
Am running 4.0 on a new Asus 300. Performance is very good so far...will try adding more books and evaluate. You index idea is fantastic or add a feature to save a single or multiple page.
I didn't want to use bookmarks because there's no alphabet jump. So i started assigning page numbers and titles to each song. Extremely time consuming. I happened upon a freeware program called PDF Shaper, which allows you to, among other things, separate PDFs with multiple pages into individual ones. I did this on my computer, renamed each file with the correct song title, and then batch imported them into my tablet. Still a pain, but much faster than how I was doing it originally. I was able to do a whole book in about 3 hours, (and I type with 2 fingers!). I had the hard copy book open beside me to know which title came next, and double-clicked a file once in a while to be sure I was still on track. The only other thing is songs with multiple pages, but you can also use PDF Shaper to merge multiple pages into one PDF. It's a lot of work, but once you get in a groove it goes pretty quickly.

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