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Force orientation switch for using Chromebook like an "open book"
I searched, but I didn't see anyone else mentioning this re: Chromebooks so I thought I'd bring it up here.

I use Mobile Sheets for my choir music on my black Samsung Chromebook Pro, and I could avoid using a "black binder" at all if I could hold my Chromebook in "open book" mode (basically the same degree of open as if I were using it in "laptop mode" but holding it in portrait) and force the screen orientation to portrait.

Currently, if the Chromebook screen isn't swung back more than 180 degrees, then the orientation of MS is always landscape, as it would be using it like a regular laptop.

Any chance of this being possible?

There are any number of screen rotation apps on the Google store.  Personally, I use 'Ultimate Rotation Control' from FaMe IT, as it can be used to individually configure each app you have.  There's a free trial version (7 days, I think) and the license for the full version is very cheap.

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Thanks, I'll check it out!

Edit: Do you have this working with Mobile Sheets on a Chromebook? The rotation lock seems to hold only as long as I'm actually in tablet mode. When I open the screen back up in "laptop/open book" mode, the rotation is no longer locked. I wonder whether these Android lock apps can only control the orientation when the Chromebook senses it's in tablet mode.
I don't have a Chromebook, just use Android tablets for MSP.  I assume your problem is related to the Chrome OS.  There are other Chromebook owners here, maybe one of them can help you.  Failing that,  I suggest you ask Samsung.

1: Samsung 12.2" SM-P900: Android 5.0.2 
2: eSTAR GRAND HD Quad-Core 4G 10.2": Android 5.1 
3: Home-built BT pedal

Some of my music here
Further research has shown that force-orientation Android apps don't work on Chromebooks. So, I'll re-up my feature request, should it be possible/deemed worthy, to allow for manual orientation switching because there isn't any other outside solution at the moment.

(I haven't been able to tell if this is something apps can offer themselves, vs. a system configuration or something that can only work in collaboration with the device's internal sensors, so it's really just asking the developer if this is possible. But I can't be the only one who would use a Chromebook like a "book.")
Would the 'rotation tool' work. It's by the 'crop' tool. I tried it on my android in the 'no rotate' setting.  It rotated but was small. It may need to be cropped or magnified to fit.
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Sarah - if the force orientation apps don't work on Chromebook, then I'm not sure I will be able to force the orientation either. I can go ahead and add a new option in the display settings to force a specified orientation, and you can see if it works. If you'd like to test an early build, send an email to mike@zubersoft.com.

If that doesn't work, the only other option that comes to mind would be to provide a global rotation setting that forces every page of every song to be rotated by a specified amount. The menus and other parts of the app (including the library screen) would still be in the wrong orientation though, so I'm not sure if that's good enough.

I'm on the road travelling for a bit, so sorry if replies are a bit delayed, but if this is something you'd care to try, I'm happy to help you test it!

I'll send an email. Thanks!
I use mobilesheets on the Samsung Chromebook Pro as well. I'm not really sure what you are trying to do, but you can fix the orientation on the Chromebook in the settings.  

If you have flipped the display all the way (i.e. tablet mode), you can lock the orientation in the quick setting menu by pressing the lower right corner and disable auto rotate . This will only work in tablet mode. 

If you are in laptop mode this option is now moved to the general settings under Device->displays->Internal display. Here you can fix orientation to 90 or 270 to keep it in portrait .This works with mobile sheets, and it stays in this orientation regardless of how you turn the device afterwards. I think this is what you are looking for .
Thanks, laba! That was exactly what I was looking for and did indeed work!

I had only discovered orientation settings for the tablet mode, not the laptop mode (which is what I needed). Good thing I don't have to use the trackpad in that way, though. Can't wrap my brain around that at forced 90 or 270 display.
I am glad to know about this orientation setting; I have used my Samsung Chromebook Pro in tablet mode to play on pianos, but I have avoided holding it and using it to sing because I didn't want my keyboard showing on the back. Holding it open like a book would be an EXCELLENT option.

I am considering getting a new device, an ASUS 14" 2-in-1 Chromebook, but it is SILVER... being able to sing with it would be a motivator for getting something that is BLACK instead. Hmm.

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