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building a teleprompter
Hi, sorry for bothering, maybe it's a silly question.

I need to build a teleprompter for stage use, using a monitor in portrait mode. (It has pivot capabilities, so no quality loss and full viewing angle)

Android devices can only send signal in landscape mode using hdmi (I tried chromecast but my tablet isn't supporting screen mirroring, just some apps like youtube and soundcloud).

So I had the idea to start using the app in landscape mode (having it rotated on the monitor, but who cares, I will still use the tablet to choose songs) and rotate every piece of music I have, so it would be rotated on the tablet but I could read it correctly on the monitor.

Is there any way to add something on the app to solve this (sending everything rotated by 90 degrees to the hdmi out (I think it would be difficult), or just creating a function to autorotate every song so I wouldn't have the need to do it manually one by one)?

For exemple, on the display options I would suggest:
tablet orientation: [landscape] [portrait]
HDMI orientation: [landscape] [portrait] - portrait would rotate the files

I hope I explained clearly.
I already looked for answers in the forum but can't find a solution. 

Last way to do it is using a win 10 laptop, using the monitor as secondary, opening the  app there and rotating the signal, but I'd like more sticking with android, as the pc is already used for controlling the mixer and recording.

Thank you for support, I really like this app Smile

Have you tried the 'rotate' tool? It's right under the 'crop' tool.

OOPS. Missed the not manual, one at a time part. Sorry.
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As far as I know, there isn't an easy way to rotate the HDMI output. There also isn't currently an easy way to rotate all pages of all songs. So I can look into adding a global rotation offset so that you could just specify you want to rotate any page that is displayed by 90 degrees clockwise (this would be added to any existing rotation for the song's pages, not in lieu of). 


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