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Option to save annotation colours
I use a colouring system to annotate the music for my chorus. So I'd like to save these colours so I don't have to remake them each time I work on a song. The eyedropper tool helps out to get colour but not the right shade.

The annotation rework is going to make it easy to save your favorite tool settings so you can easily reload them later. I'm going to work on that after one of the next updates. My goal is to have it finished by the end of the year.

Hi Mike, 

Thanks, I'll be llooking forward to the next updates.

I'm optimistic that this means saving all sorts of favorite pen settings on an easily accessible palette. Specifically, the freehand pen and the rectangle command, which I use as white out. It's still a major hassle to quickly annotate in rehearsals.
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Yes, the goal is to make it much faster/easier to annotate so that it can be done in rehearsals without headaches. This means not using a separate screen/editor for annotations (meaning they are accessible from the main display) and having quick/easy access to commonly used tools and settings so that users can quickly switch between things if needed. It's going to require some massive changes.

Looking forward to this feature a lot.

In the meantime would it be possible to add 2 custom colors that you could save?

Or if this is hard maybe add a few more preset colors, like dark red, dark green and a blue that reminds of an ink pen.

Maybe its a bug but for me the "LastCm" color always revert back to black after a few clicks.
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